Parineeti 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti leaves the house


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Scene 1
Sanju says I wish I had gone earlier. Sanju says it’s not your fault. It’s my and my family’s fault. Sukwinder says she’s doing a drama. She only acts nice. She shows her true colors. Pari says please call Neeti. She says why should I? Have you left any relation for her in this house?
Pami says to Chandrika that Pari and Sanju’s fates are tied together. So much happened but they are still together. Chandrika says Sanju still loves Neeti. pami says he will realize he loves Pari as well. He’s stood against Neeti for Pari. Chandrika says Sanju only loves Neeti. pami says I feel like he loves Pari already. Pari is in his life and not Neeti right now. They’re tied by destiny. Chandrika says I hope that comes true.

Scene 2
Sukwinder gives Neeti tea. She asks what happened. Neeti says I am thinking about Pari what she must be doing with Sanju? Sukwinder says then you shouldn’t have come here. Neeti says I can’t tolerate her face. Sukwinder says she’s clever she rules hearts with her tears. Neeti says Sanju loves me only. No matter how much Sanju tries. I know he will come here to take me back and then I will give condition to kick Pari out. Sukwinder says men’s love changes. They just need a woman. Neeti says Sanju isn’t like that. Sukwinder says why did he lie to you then? You have to stay with Sanju to win him or forget about him.

Scene 3
Sanju thinks about Neeti and cries. Amit comes to him. He says everything is over in one day. Neeti was so happy in Diwali. Amit says everything will be fixed. Sanju says ego has gotten bigger than love. She can’t see how much pain everyone is in. She can’t see my condition. She doesn’t even care about our child. She ruined everything. She has a different place and so does Pari. Amit says she will understand. Sanju says she ended everything. He cries. Pari comes, and she says Raji calm down everything will be okay. Chandrika looks at them and says tai ji was right. Pari says you’ve fever. Let me get you medicine.

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Bebe calls Neeti and tells her how Sanju is in a bad condition. Neeti says he will kick Pari out. Salojna says Pari is very clever. She fools him with her tears. Neeti tells Sukwinder how Sanju was crying for her. Sanju says to Pari don’t do all this I am fine. Pari says let me put cold strips on your head. Sanju says why are you worried? Pari says I am responsible for everything. I can’t see you both like this. Pari says drink this tea. He says no Neeti.. I am sorry Pari. Pari says it’s okay. I know you care about her the most. You both love each other. I hope Neeti realizes it soon.

Chandrika sees Pari crying. She says don’t cry for Neeti. She doesn’t care about you. She wanted to kill you. She is your enemy. Pari says she’s in pain. I can’t see her like this. Sukwinder says to Neeti if you leave a man he will find another woman. He won’t come here. Did he call so far? no right? Pari is also his wife. He didn’t let her leave. But he didn’t stop you. He didn’t care about your condition. He chose Pari. Neeti says you re right. i made a mistake by leaving the house. but my anger wasn’t calming. if my love is real he would have to come for me.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari comes to Neeti’s place. Neeti says why are you here? What else do you want? Pari says pack your bags, and come back home. Neeti says are you leaving that house? she shoves Pari and says get lost. Sanju comes and holds Pari.