Parineeti 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju gets locked in steam room

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Scene 1
Sanju says to Neeti we’ve to stop this wedding at all cost. We have the proof that child isn’t Rakesh’s. Don’t tell Pari. She is being blackmailed by Rakesh or something. Neeti cries and tells Salojna sanju got the proof. He’s coming here to stop the wedding. Salojna says Rakesh won’t let him come here. Neeti says how will he stop Sanju? Rakesh says to Jai do whatever you have to do to stop him. Neeti takes the phone and says you’ve to stop him only. If anything happens to him I wont’ leave you. Rakesh says I will do whatever I’ve to stop this wedding. Neeti says if anything happens to my Sanju it wont’ be good for you. i will kill you in front of everyone. Salojna says to rakesh only Neeti can help us. You have to play smartly with her. Rakesh says no one can stop me. Once I get married I will also teach this Neeti a lesson.

Pari says to Chandrika I feel very heavy. Chandrika says why are you crying? Pari says I feel like life is slipping out of my hands. Chandrika says share you heart with me. What’s bothering you so much? She says Rajiv was asking me to not marry Rakesh. I said I want to do this wedding but the reason I told him was a lie. I lied because truth can ruin his and Neeti’s life. Gurinder comes in and says leave my son alone. He’s going crazy after you. Don’t ruin his life. Why do you wanna tell the truth and ruin their life? Leave my son alone. Chandrika says do you see her condition? Gurinder says mind your own business. She is pregnant. She is having mood swings. You won’t know because you never got a child. Chandirka leaves. Pari says you shouldn’t have said that. It would have hurt her soo much. Gurinder says you no relationship with this housee. Get married and leave us alone.

Scene 2
Salojna says to Neeti why were you messing with Rakesh? You made a mistake. Neeti says I am not scared of him. I can do anything for my Sanju. If they try to harm Sanju I will not leave them. Salojna says so they will request him with love and Sanju would stop? They would have to use some power. He can get a little injured, that’s okay. Neeti says they can’t dare to do that. Salojna says don’t mess with Rakesh. Neeti says don’t speak against sanju or I can get mad at you too. Salojna says are you out of your mind? Neeti says I can do anything for him. She leaves. Salojna says I will teach her a lesson.

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Scene 3
Jai and his men plan to kidnap Sanju. Sanju walks out of the hospital. He says I won’t let this wedding happen. Jai and his men look for him. Sanju sees Jai. He hides. sanju says I hope Neeti handles everything.
Rakesh comes back to the mandap. Pari also comes there. Pandit ji says this wedding can’t happen now. Sanju sneaks out of the hospital. Rakesh says to the pandit go from here. We will get married here. Neeti says let’s restart. Pami says pandit ji knows better. I want Pari to get married with all the rituals. Pandit says we have to do everything from scratch.

Sanju comes to Mahesh and tells him about the other way out. A man asks Mahesh to check his brother. It’s Rakesh’s man. He locks Sanju and Mahesh in the room. Sanju screams please open the door. Mahesh says this is steam room. We can die here. They suffocate inside. Pari says to Neeti I feel like Sanju isn’t oay. Call him once. Neeti says I will do that. Pari says I feel uneasy. Chandrika takes Pari to the mandap. The wardboy tries to open the door but Jai stops him. Neeti calls Sanju but his phone fell outside. Neeti is scared for Sanju. Neeti asks Rakesh to come with her. Jai’s men take the wardboy from there and take the remote of steam room. Neeti puts a knife on Rakesh and sas where is Sanju? Salojna says calm down. Neeti says I am sure he can do anything. Where is Sanju or I will kill you. Sanju says Jai open the door. Sanju says I am sorry Mahesh. Mahesh and Sanju can’t breathe.

Episode ends