Parineeti 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari and Chandrika go to Rakesh’s house


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Scene 1
Shera asks the servants to stop. Pari is with them with her face hidden. Shera asks who are yyou? She says Manjali. Jaswinder wasn’t well so he sent me. I am his sister. Rakesh’s mom says why do you have your face hidden? Chandrika comes there and says I am also Jaswinder’s sister. I came to help my sister. we’rer not allowed to show our faces. Rakesh’s mom shows them the kitchen and says you can show your face here. Chandrika says we’re not allowed to remove this veil. She says okay make the food. Pari says to Chandrika why did yyou come here? It’s risky. Chandrika says you are my sister. i couldn’t leave you here. Pari hugs her and says thank you di. She says let’s make breakfast. Pari and Chandrika serve breakfast. Alavat says you made such good punjabi food. But you look rajasthani. Rakesh’s mom says they are jaswinder’s sisters. Shera asks them to leave. They come to kitchen. Pari says they are not mentioning anything. They were so normal.. Rakesh won’t come in front of us. We need a proof. We have to hurry. She says if something happens to Rakesh’s mom he’d come. He loves her a lot.

Rakesh’s mom asks them to clean the kitchen. Rakesh’s mom slips. Pari holds her. She says thank you. Pari sees Alavat. She recalls what he said about Sanju. She makes him fall. Pari says sorry boss. He screams in pain. Chandrika says well done. Pari says Rakesh’s mom isn’t that bad. I couldn’t harm her.

Scene 2
Neeti speaks with different lawyers. Salojna says to Neeti I saw a dream, you with Pari. You were telling her Sanju loves you a lot. Pari is jealous. She said Sanju is just mine. Neeti says but this happened. I was talking to Pari. Did she pray for Sanju as well? I don’t know. Salojna says Pari is like that. She’s making this image that she deserves to be Sanju’s image. She might have gone to Rakesh’s place. Neeti says no I told her not to. Pami hears all this. Neeti says we will go and check.

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Alavat says I got a fracture because of that banjaran. You hire such useless servants. That doctor says it’s not a fracture. She will be fine. Rakesh’s mom says what if it’s God’s punishment? We’re spreading news of our own son’s death. That’s not right. He says go from here. Neeti goes to Alavat’s place. pami says to Salojna why are you doing all this? You’re creating this wall between Pari and Neeti. I heard everything. Salojna says it’s you all who lied to her not me. Pami says you are provoking Neeti. Tao ji comes. Salojna leaves. Pami says to Tao ji bebe is trying to ruin our family.

Scene 3
Chandrika and Pari wait if Rakesh would come. Pari says Neeti used to do such things. She taught me how to live life. CHandrika says we didn’t tell her what we are doing. she will be mad. Chandrika asks what will we do when Rakesh comes? She says I will drag him to the police. Chandrika says we’ve to get the proofs. Pari says I wish Neeti was with us.

Episode ends