Parineeti 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti tries to spoil Pari and Sanju’s haldi


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Scene 1

Pari and Sanju’s haldi ceremony start. Monty arrives there and is shocked. Gurvindar says I don’t know how to feel about all this. Sanju takes Monty with him.

Bebe comes to the washroom and tries to wash her face but it becomes red. She says its working so I should call Neeti. She calls her and shows her face, she says its working. Sukwindar asks what happened? Bebe says Pami thought I had done something with the haldi so I applied it to myself and see this happened to my face. She applies an antidote to her face. Neeti says they will blame you now. Bebe says it will take 5 minutes for my face to become fine but think about Pari, she would cry in pain after that haldi is applied to her. Neeti says I want to see her cry in pain so keep the video call open. Bebe says I will put my phone on call and hide it somewhere.

Sanju tells Monty that a lot has happened but I just want you to know that I am marrying Pari. Monty says I know everything, I know you loved Neeti so much. When you didn’t even know her name, you were crazy about her. Chandrika comes there and hears all that. Sanju says I loved her unconditionally but she killed it with her conditions. Monty says I heard real love never dies. Sanju says the reality is different. Monty says I think you need to back off. They see Chandrika there and she tells them to come for the rituals, she leaves. Sanju says I have no feelings for Neeti anymore.

Scene 2

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Bebe comes to the ceremony and shows everyone to Neeti on the video call. She hides the phone in a corner but Neeti can see Pari clearly. Neeti says I can’t see Sanju around. Sukwindar says he must be getting ready. Neeti says maybe he is doubting this decision and doesn’t want to marry Pari now. I am sure he has come back to his senses, everyone is there but he is not. Sanju comes there with Monty. Neeti says I can’t believe this. Monty was always with us. He was a supporter of our love. Sukwindar says he was always Sanju’s supporter. Pari smiles at Sanju. Pami brings haldi and asks Sanju to sit with her. They both sit together and smile at each other. Pami says Pari is my daughter so I will start the ritual. She is about to apply haldi to Pari’s face but Pari coughs so all rush to her. Sanju gives her water and asks her to come and rest. He takes her from there. Neeti sees all that.

Neeti is angry and tries to calm herself down. Sukwindar says you should just accept that Sanju is not yours anymore. Neeti shouts no.. he is mine, he can’t become Pari’s. Sukwindar tries to calm her down and says this is the truth.

Bubbly tells Pami that Pari is okay now. Sanju and Pari come back. Bebe asks Pari to start the haldi ceremony. Neeti watches live feed again. Pami is about to apply haldi to Pari but Sanju goes to get his phone and bumps into Pami and the haldi falls down from her hands. All look on.

The episode ends.