Parineeti 12th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Monty goes to Rakesh’s house


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Scene 1
Monty goes to Rakesh’s house with other servants. Neeti asks Salojna have you seen Pari? Salojna says stop caring for Pari. She’s not your friend anymore. I’ve taught her a lesson last night. Neeti says don’t do that. Salojna says she’s not yyour friend, stop caring for her. Neeti asks Chandrika if she’s seen Pari. Chandrika says I don’t know. Neeti says must have gone to Sanju. I am so sick of it. Rakesh’s mom asks all the servants their name. Shera says we need four men, you’re extra. Monty says I am free. She says agency asked for four people. Rakesh’s mom says we asked for four. Monty says let us all work today and fire one of us tomorrow. She syas okay. Shera tells them their work. Neeti says to Monty I am outside, if anything happens let me know.

Neeti is angry. She packs Pari’s things. she says I am sick of her. it’s my fault I kept her here. Because of her Sanju is in jail and she must be there consoling her. Chandrika says listen. Neeti says did she only find my house to ruin? She has no right to live in this house. I shoulld have kicked her out long ago. Sanju is in jail because of her, I lost my child because of her. She has to go to Barnala. Neeti takes her bag out. It falls in front of Pami. Pami asks what’s happening? Neeti says Pari is my friend, she thinks I dn’t know anything. She’s gone to meet Sanju early in the morning. Pami says are you in senses? pari and sanju only care for each. Can’t you be positive like them. I know you’re stressed. Don’t repeat this again. Go and put Pari’s things back in her closet. She’s our daughter. Neeti is angry. She leaves.

Scene 2
Sanju says to the prisoner, I am very selfish. I wanna change. I’ve only cared about my happiness. I never thought about hurting others. He says youu are missing Pari right? sanju sees a shadow. He says Pari? It’s Neeti. Neeti says you thought it was Pari? He says yes but I am glad to see you. If Pari came I would have asked her to send you. I am really sorry. I wanted to say a lot of things last few days but so much is going on. He holds her hand and says I am nothing without yyou. i need you in my life. I love you the most in this world. i trust yyou blindly. You have always been with me. I got over confident with my love so I wasn’t confessing. I love you a lot. Never leave me alone. I will die without you. Neeti says I love you too. Sanju caresses her face. Sanju says I could never tell you yyour important. My heart only beats for you. I am nothing without you. Neeti hugs him. The prisonerr gives him thumbs up. Sanju recalls he said neeti has started thinking you care for Pari now. You dont’ love her life before. SAnju says no Neeti knows how much I love her. He said not all wives are the same. They like to listen to it again. They like reaffirmation. You’ve to tell Neeti you love her. Sanju says to Neeti stop crying. neeti says I wanted to listen to all this. Snaju says I am sorry I got late. Neeti says I wanted to tell yyou something. I got mad at Pari. She went to Rakesh’s house to see if he’s dead. We saw his dead body, she didn’t have to go there. Sanju says it’s okay. Pari shouldn’t have done that. You’re right. Neeti says I miss you a lot. Sanju says I miss yyou too.

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Scene 3
Shera asks all men to come to the hall. Rakesh’s mom says go to your quarterrs and have tea. Monty wonders what’s going on. Alavat says why haven’t they gone yet? Shera asks them to go to the quarter and not come back until asked. Monty goes downstairs and calls Pari. He tells her they asked all of them to leave like someone is coming. Pari says is it Rakesh? Monty says maybe. He asks Pari to hide. Pari sees a man coming in. But it’s not Rakesh. Pari hears a man coming with many people. They cheer for Alavat. Shera peeks outside. HE takes one man from the crowd inside disguiised as sardar. Pari wonders who is he.

Episode ends