Parineeti 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari and Neeti dance against each other


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Scene 1
Pari is preparing for the pooja, Neeti comes there and glares at her, she recalls Bebe’s words to do something to separate them. She recalls how family keeps putting her first. She goes to her and says thank you for doing this but stay away from Sanju, that’s good for you and him. She says let me help you. Pari says I will bring flowers, she goes to the kitchen. Neeti looks at the swing that Pari decorated and loosens its screws. Pari comes back with flowers and starts decorating it. Neeti says I need to check my dress and asks her to complete it, she smirks and goes from there.

Bubbly is getting ready. Chandrika comes there and asks where is Pari? Pari comes there, all dressed up. Chandrika says you look so beautiful. Sanju comes there and smiles seeing Pari getting ready. Chandrika sees him, Sanju says Pari is looking beautiful today. Bubbly says the jewelry is looking so good on her. Sanju says no, its not jewelry, Pari is.. Pari says what? Bubbly thinks we should leave them alone. She takes Chandrika from there. Pari asks what was he saying? Sanju says your beauty isn’t because of the jewelry but because of your personality. Pari says maybe because I am pregnant. Her gajra slips so Sanju takes it and puts it in her hair. She smiles at him. He leaves from there. Pari thinks she can’t get happy hearing his compliments, he isn’t mine, he belongs to Neeti.

Neeti gets ready, Bebe says you look so beautiful. Sanju comes there and hugs her, he says she is so beautiful, she teases them and leaves. Sanju says you look so beautiful. He thinks I can’t tell her that Pari is also looking beautiful. He hugs her and says you take my breath away. Neeti says am I looking more beautiful than Pari? Sanju looks away. Neeti says why aren’t you complimenting me now? you went to see her before coming here right? tell me how is she looking? Sanju tries to leave but she says tell me how is she looking? He says pretty, Neeti says then go to her and angrily leaves.

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Neeti tells Bebe that Sanju is blinded by Pari. Bebe says he was romancing with you. Neeti says he met Pari before coming to me. Pari comes to the lounge. Bebe says she isn’t even looking that beautiful. Neeti says look carefully, she does look beautiful.

All family members gather for the pooja, the priest says we still have some time for the pooja. Bebe says then we have two Radhas who can dance. Neeti says but there is only one Radha. Pami says the one who dances better would be Krishna’s Radha.

Neeti starts dancing and then Pari takes over and gives a good performance. They both have a face off while showing dance moves. Neeti thinks that I can’t let her win, Sanju will be impressed then. She breaks her bangles and throws near Pari. Pari steps on it and her foot starts bleeding. Pami screams for her.

Precap: Pari is performing pooja. Neeti stops her and says this is my right, go away from my and Sanju’s life. Pari says to Neeti, she will leave only when Neeti learns her mistake.