Parineeti 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti asks Pari to back out


Parineeti 11th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Jay says you both are married already. Why are you marrying again? Sanju says we’ll talk about it later. Pami asks Pari to sit. He says wait. Pari you’re marrying Sanju? Neeti leaves. he goes after Sanju. Sukwinder says to Bebe you came here with them? She says I came to tell you the news. Sukwinder says you are here to enjoy. Jay asks Neeti what’s happening. She says Pari snatched my husband. She stayed in my house and took my husband. Sanju says don’t lie. She says I am not lying. Your’e marrying Pari. He says you know what you did. Neeti says I did it all for you. Sanju says you tried to kill Pari. Pari is a good human otherwise you’d have been in jail. Neeti says so you’ve fallen her? She is nothing in front of me. She doesn’t look like me, she doesn’t have a personality. She only cries. He says I saw humanity in her. Her heart broke, but she didn’t hurt anyone. Neeti says she will pay for what she did. Sanjus says enough. Pari is my to-be wife. I won’t hear a word against her. Sanju saysto Jay, you’re invited to the wedding.

Chandrika says to Pami Sanju always loved Neeti. he was fighting to bring her back. Pami says if hee tried more she would have come back. Neeti crossed all te limits. Pami says you’ve to fulfill your relations every day. Neeti comes to Pari and says you destroyed my life. Pari says I can never harm you. Neeti says you ruined everything in my life. You stole it all from me. wHat will you take to return what’s mine? Pari says I don’t want to take anything. I don’t know how to return what’s yours to you. Neeti says back out from this wedding. Neeti says ou can’t right? Don’t act all great. At least accept you stole it all. Be clear. Pari says in their heart I am marrying him for you only. Pami says Pari let’s go.

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Sukwidner is worried for Neeti. She says I didn’t know Neeti won’t be happy if I hid the truth. I don’t know how to make her happy. Salojna says Neeti’s happiness is only Sanju. She can’t lose to Pari. He’s her everything. We’ve to be extra vigillant. Neeti says Sanju loves Pari. He will never come back to me. SAlojna says nothing is over. Salojna says you can make him hate her face. It’s her haldi. Make sure she gets a reaction. Sanju wont’ like her if her face is ruiend. Neeti says I hate Pari’s face. I wanna ruin it.

Scene 2
Amit asks Chandrika what happened? She looks worried. She says you wont’ be able to help. She says Neeti was also at the temple. She’s planning something for sure. She wants to come back here. Sanju will leave Pari. Pari will shatter for ever. Amit says don’t worry. Sanju wont’ repeat his mistake. I now him. Don’t worry about it.

Sanju thinks about what he said to Neeti. Amit comes to him. Amit asks do you still think about Neeti? Sanju says why are you asking. Sanju says what happened was right. I loved Neeti a lot. i did everything for her but she didn’t trust my love. I have no more feelings for her. Neeti cries and says I shouldn’t have pushed Sanju away. Sukwinder hugs him. Pari thinks about what Neeit said. Sh cries. Babli asks her what happened? She says my heart is hurting. I never thought I won’t be able to not do anything for her. I can’t stop this wedding.

Episode ends