Parineeti 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bubbly urges Pari to fight for her love


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Scene 1
Sanju consoles and hugs Pari. She moves away and says you shouldn’t be this close to me as people might doubt things that are not true.

Neeti tells Bebe that they respect and honor each other like Pari is his wife. Bebe says you have to do something before Pari snatches him. Sanju comes there and asks if there is anything wrong? Neeti angrily leaves. Bebe says Neeti feels like you don’t love her anymore, Sanju says I will go and talk to her.

Sanju comes to his room and tries to talk with Neeti, he says everything will be fine, I am always with you. He pulls her closer and says I know you are insecure but only you have a right on me. Neeti says I want to sleep. Sanju says I will do anything to gain your trust because I love you. Neeeti looks away and thinks I don’t what’s true, what he says or what he does?

Pari comes to her room and Bubbly is awake. She says I am worried that Neeti might not able to accept the truth, and you love Jeeju so much. Pari says don’t call him that here, please control your emotions, I love Rajiv because he is a good human. Bubbly says you can’t leave him, you love him too much so please talk to Neeti, you know you can’t live without Rajiv so don’t deny it. Pari says please let me sleep otherwise I will leave the room. Bubbly says fine and they go to sleep.

Scene 2
In the morning, Gurvindar and others are getting arrangements done for Janmashtami. Neeti comes there and says decoarations look beautiful. Pari comes there and recalls everything that happened between then, Neeti glares at her. Pami comes there and Gurvindar asks Neeti to prepare for the pooja. Pami asks Pari to help them. Neeti tells Pari that she will manage it alone, Pari says that’s good because I never liked doing these things. Neeti says you have forgotten your limits. Pami comes there and says I asked Pari to do this as she is pregnant and Kahna would bless her baby. Chandrika says yes, let her do it as she is pregnant. Pami says we might get lucky with a baby Radha so let her do it. Neeti angrily leaves. Pari goes to get flowers.

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Pari comes in the kitchen, Sanju is trying to make juice, she says I will help you but he says its simple, I can do it but he can’t start it. Pari laughs and says you didn’t plug it, you can’t even use the juicer. She makes it for him, he asks what is she doing here? She says I came to get flowers. He says you are very cute, you are helping by leaving your work. Pari says its okay, she gives juice to him and moves away. He thanks her and leaves. Bubbly says did you like his compliments? Pari says stop all this. Bubbly says can’t you see that you both were lost in each other. Pari says Neeti is his wife. Bubbly says you are his wife too and you love him. Pari says no, I got in his life by a mistake but he loves Neeti only. Bubbly says no.. I can see love in his eyes for you. Pari says its nothing like that. She leaves.

Bebe comes to Neeti and asks what happened? Neeti says nobody cares about me in this house, they gave pooja preparation to Pari because she is pregnant. Bebe says what? its your right so how can they do it? I will go and fight. Neeti says its not about that, nobody cares about me because even my husband doesn’t take a stand for me. Like I am not important for him. They turn to see Sanju there. He says I made juice for you, I am sorry I couldn’t take care of you for somedays. He makes her drink the juice and Neeti calms down. Bebe says you both are shameless. Sanju says when I saw Neeti for the first time, I knew she would be my life. Neeti smiles and says the juice was nice. Sanju blurts yes because Pari and I made it together.. I mean I made it and Pari helped me, he leaves. Bebe says they keep spending time with any excuse, you have to do something. Neeti looks on.

The episode ends.