Pandya Store 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Amrish’s deal


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The Episode starts with Amba scolding Natasha and calling her selfish. Natasha says you cheated me and got the papers signs. Amba asks so what, we were going new house and store to you, you worry for that stone build store, not my son, who left the house. Amrish says I won’t come between you and Natasha. Dhawal says its not the time to say this, please come home. Amrish says no, I have no respect there, I won’t get insulted by staying with Natasha, go now, I can’t stay under the same roof with her. Dhawal is shocked. Amrish says she is your wife, you keep your responsibility towards her, stay happy, keep Golu and Hetal with you, I will find some work and get them. Dhawal asks why are you saying this. Amrish says I can’t see the family breaking, it runs by one person’s mind, if every mind works along then the house will break, I have some ethics, its imp for me, its better to stay away, you go. Dhawal asks what are you saying.

Amrish says a girl came between us and changed our bond, you love her, I can’t ask you to leave her. Dhawal says I don’t love her. Amrish says you won’t give her divorce. Dhawal says come home, I will give her divorce. Amba cries and says Amrish left the house, I know Suman gave you many qualities, but its to break a house. Suman asks Chiku about Natasha. She asks why is she worried. He shouts stop it, she doesn’t value us, you love her a lot, you are worried for her, she felt we came there to fight with her husband and Amrish. He tells her everything.

He says Natasha has changed after marriage. Suman says no. He says it will be better if we accept this. She says she can’t change. He says I wish it was true. Amba says you made Dhawal and Amrish fight, you and your family did a good thing, congrats, you all succeeded, you separated my sons. Amrish says I won’t become a sinner with you. Dhawal says I will not stay without you, I can’t stay happy with Natasha, Natasha loves Pandya store, I request you, return Pandya store back to her, I will go away from her. He cries.

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Amrish hugs him. He says I have always given you whatever you have asked for. Amba asks Natasha to get lost. Natasha cries. She goes upstairs. Chirag and Bhaven come. Amba asks about Amrish. Bhaven says Dhawal got an address and went there to get Amrish. Hetal says take me there. Bhaven says Dhawal will inform us, we will go if Amrish doesn’t agree to come. Hetal gets dizzy. Pranali holds her.

Amrish signs the papers. He says I have signed it, take it, get anything written on it. Dhawal cries happily. He says you promise me, Natasha shouldn’t know this that I m giving her divorce to return Pandya store, then she won’t go away from me, because she also loves me. Amrish promises him.

Dhawal cries and thinks of Natasha. He asks Amrish to come. Natasha cries in her room. She sees her inner self. She says I didn’t wish Amrish to leave the house, Dhawal should come back once. Her inner self asks what will you talk to Dhawal, you separated the brothers, the family is crying because of you, you broke them. Hetal cries and asks Chirag to call Dhawal once. Dhawal gets Amrish home. They see the doctor leaving. Everyone sees Amrish. Hetal hugs Amrish and asks where were you, what happened. Amrish says I m fine. Dhawal says everything is fine. They all hug Dhawal and Amrish. Amba gets happy. She scolds Amrish.

Natasha comes out of the room. Hetal says everything got fine, I wish everything gets sorted between Natasha and you. Dhawal nods and worries seeing Amrish. Natasha sees Dhawal and Amrish. She says he got Amrish back, he might have talked to him about Pandya store, he knows Suman got unwell, he would have told Amrish to return the store to me, everything can get sorted, he took a stand for me. Amba taunts Dhawal. She says Natasha is here in this house. Natasha comes downstairs. Dhawal thinks its my turn to divorce Natasha for the sake of this house’s happiness.
Dhawal gives the divorce papers to Natasha and asks her to sign. She signs and throws it on his face.