Pandya Store 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Pandyas sell their house


Pandya Store 8th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the pics. They recall their beautiful moments. Kaise yeh samjhaye…plays… Rishita says we shouldn’t take the pics. Raavi says yes, we will keep it in Suman’s room, it will remind her the good times. The party begins. Gautam and Dhara come downstairs. They see the decorations. Everyone gets surprised seeing their pics around. They all emotionally cry and smile. Suman comes. Rishita says kids are so talented, we will take a selfie, come. No one wants to click a selfie. They get sad. Shweta and kids come. Natasha says Chiku, we will give you a farewell party every day, then you won’t go. The buyer Nagesh comes. Suman says you have to grow up and fight like your parents. Suman throws the stick at the man and asks who are you, come in and see the last drama here. Gautam says mum is in tension so she reacted like that, come.

He says he is Nagesh, he is going to buy the house. Prerna says but so soon. Dhara says it doesn’t matter, we have to sell the house. Suman asks Nagesh to put the right price, everyone should get good amount after division. Nagesh says don’t worry about money, this house is perfect for me, who shall I give the money. Gautam says give it to Suman. Suman says we will see how much strength money has, it separates brothers and breaks a family. Nagesh gives the papers. She says I can’t read it, you give it to Gautam. Nagesh asks Gautam to check the papers. He says I will get registry and get this house. Suman taunts the family. Gautam looks at everyone.

Gautam signs the papers and asks everyone to sign. Dhara asks them to sign. Everyone thinks of their memories in the house. They sign the papers. She gives the papers to Nagesh. Nagesh asks is there water in the well. Suman says yes. Nagesh looks around and checks the house. Dhara says this house’s walls are strong, we have seen a lot, we have seen unity and shattering. Gautam says we have lived sorrow and happiness. Suman says the house will see the family breaking apart. Nagesh thanks Suman and Gautam. He says my family will happily stay in this house, its perfect for me, I will get my family here tomorrow, I have a request, if registry happens tomorrow, then vacate the house tomorrow itself. Raavi, Rishita and Prerna say we can’t rush out, we need one week. Dhara says it will be done, get the registry done, you will get the house vacant tomorrow.

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Prerna asks how will it happen. Dhara says it will be done, we have to pack our bags and leave. Suman says feed him sweets, feed these birds also, they will get free of the family cage and fly in the sky. Dhara gets the sweets. Nagesh says house is beautiful, it just needs paint. Suman says you can do anything you want. Gautam says yes. Dhara feeds sweets to everyone. She says everyone wanted this, its done.

Nagesh asks about the locality. Suman says people are good, there will be peace once my family leaves from here. Nagesh says I m very happy now. He leaves. Dhara says we have two celebrations today, Chiku is leaving the house, and we all are leaving the house, we should have a last dance. Suman says Pandya family has parted ways.

Natasha says sorry, I was acting sick, don’t go. Chiku says don’t act, I have seen everyone acting here. He leaves with Shweta.