Pandya Store 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal finds Amrish


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The Episode starts with Hetal crying a lot. She faints. Dolly says she got a panic attack. Everyone worries for Hetal. Amba blames Natasha for this. Mittu sees Natasha going in an auto and asks Chiku to follow her. Dhawal sees the car and says its Amrish’s car. They check the car and look for Amrish. Amba prays for Amrish. Hetal gets conscious. Amba scolds her. She says if anything happens to Amrish, then I will regard you responsible. Dhawal and Chirag ask inspector about Amrish. Inspector says we got his jacket. They see the blood stains on it. Dhawal asks where is he, tell us. Bhaven asks who informed you. Inspector says a civilian informed me, it’s a big accident, its low chances of the person surviving. Dhawal shouts and cries for Amrish. He asks Amrish to come back. Bhaven and Chirag hug him and console. Natasha reaches home and says I should be here if Chiku and Mittu are coming. She prays. Chabeli doesn’t see her and goes. Chiku and Mittu come. She stops them and says I will always stand between you and Makhwanas. Bhaven asks where is Amrish, you would have some info. Inspector says no, I didn’t get any info or clue, I got a diary.

He gives them Amrish’s diary. Natasha asks them to leave. Chiku says Suman was worried for you, Kanta felt you are at Pandya store, you are happy here, forget us. Dhawal sees the blood stains in the car and cries. The man comes and asks Natasha to give clothes for laundry. Chiku scolds her and asks her to go. He says I will tell Suman that you are happy, Pandya store broke, you made kheer. He scolds the man. Natasha thinks how shall I go inside. The man asks her to hurry up. She enters the gate. Dhawal gets some card. He shows the card and says maybe Amrish went there, I will go and check, you go home, don’t tell about the accident. Chirag and Bhaven ask him to take care.

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Amrish is getting treated at some place. Dhawal comes there. He gets shocked seeing Amrish hurt. Amrish asks what are you doing here. Dhawal asks how can you leave everything and come here, come with me. Amrish imagines him. He lies back. He thinks my rules made me away from my family, mum was right, it was a wrong decision to bring Natasha home. Hetal cries. Pranali and Dolly ask her to have food. Hetal refuses. Pranali says Amrish will come. Natasha comes home. She sees Hetal crying. Amba shouts get out of my house. Hetal hugs Natasha and cries.

Natasha asks what happened. Hetal says Amrish left the house, he met with an accident, don’t know what happened to him. Dhawal comes to meet Amrish. He sees Amrish and gets relieved. He hugs Amrish and asks how did you get hurt, are you fine. Amrish cries. Amba scolds Natasha. She says she doesn’t care what’s happening with us, she has no concern, Amrish left the house. Dhawal says come home, everyone is waiting, they will get happy. Amrish says no Dhawal, I will not come back, I m fine here, no one needs me, you think my rules are limiting you all, I won’t come between you and Natasha.
Dhawal gives the divorce papers to Natasha and asks her to sign. She signs and throws it on his face.