Pandya Store 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dolly’s Mu dikhai


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The Episode starts with Amrish lying to Dolly. He asks her to not tell the matter to anyone. He says I ordered two diamond sets for you, Chirag will give it to you. She thanks him. He says you can just promise me, you won’t tell this Pandya store thing to anyone. She says don’t worry, I won’t waste my energy. He asks her to go. He gets angry and says Pranali…. You have forced me to do this, I have to remind you your limits. Dolly and Natasha’s mu dikhai happens. Dolly likes the diamond set and thanks Hetal.

Amba takes the necklaces from Natasha and Dolly. Dolly says I will wear this and keep your respect. Amba tries to snatch the box. Dolly gets sad. Amba says its not toy, but jewelery, you are already wearing good jewelry, give your jewelry to me, I will keep it in locker. Dolly asks can I keep the jewelry which my dad gave. Amba says I will keep that also, Hetal and Pranali also did the same, its our house rules, good. Natasha thinks this family is like Pandya family, Suman used to keep jewelry safe. Suman comes to the store. She gives money and asks Shesh and Mittu to clear the bill. Chiku sees the mud splashed at Pandya store board. The mud gets on his pants too. He recalls the store. He comes there.

He sees everyone’s pics in the store. Pranali gives the gifts. Amba jokes on the small gifts. Pranali says what to do, I m your bahu, you gave me smaller gifts than this in Mu dikhai. She jokes. Dolly laughs. Amba gets angry. She asks Pranali to meet her after the rituals end. Dolly says then meet me, I can make funny content with you. Pranali says call me Didi, I m your Jethani, not classmate. Dolly says I find the Sasural funny. Chiku sees Suman. He asks can I get a cigarette packet.

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Suman says we don’t sell the things that harmful. He says fine, give me some rice, I heard one gets the best rice here. She says yes. He says I want a 25 kg rice bag, it will be inside in the storeroom. She gets hurt. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says I will go and get it.

She asks how do you know that we keep the rice in storeroom. He says I have a relation with this city since years, rice would be in storeroom only. He gets the rice sack on his back. Suman sees him and recalls Gautam. He pays the money and says thanks.

She says you have spoiled the desk, will your dad come to clean this. He sees Gautam’s pic and says if he was alive, then he would have done everything. Amba gives gifts to her bahus. She taunts Natasha. She asks them to open the gift and see.

They see the gas stove. Amba says you have to cook for your husbands, make food and eat separately. Dolly says you are so thoughtful, you think so much for us, kitchen work is stressful, I will ask dad to send chef, he will cook food for Chirag and me, thank you. Amba says you are welcome. Natasha asks does this mean we won’t eat the food together? Amba says no, it’s a house rule, you have to follow it.

Natasha says I got a big family today, its mine, its my first rasoi tomorrow. Amrish says yes, you will just handle the kitchen, I will take over the Pandya store.