Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Chiku’s farewell party


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The Episode starts with Krish feeling guilty. Prerna says relax, you have done it for Dhara. Mittu asks will Chiku go away after the party, shall we take him along. Raavi says why not, if he wants to come. He asks Mittu, shall I ask him. He goes. She says a mother can’t see anything except her child, Chiku is leaving, Dhara wants him to get good memories. Dhara asks Shweta to promise her. She says you won’t let Chiku cry and keep him happy. Shweta promises her. Shiva says Dhara has kept this party for us also. Raavi says sorry, I didn’t know when I became a house-breaking bahu, is it wrong to think about child. He says we all are wrong. Dhara says I just called you to say this, tell me if there is any confusion, go, take this new dress for Chiku, make him wear it in the party. Shweta thanks her. Gautam hugs Dhara and they cry. Shiva says this Pandya house is our identity, we already got a buyer for the house. Raavi worries. Dev is upset. Rishita says Gautam is hurrying up the things, we could have solved Chiku’s matter. Dev says I don’t know how they will deal with this, we can’t hurt them.

She says we will stay connected to them. Natasha asks Rishita to decide her dress. Rishita says I have a plan. Dev goes. Rishita says I have a plan to get Chiku back, I need a good actor, you are the best. Natasha says yes, tell me, what to do. Shesh hears them. Rishita asks Natasha to act sick, then Chiku won’t go. Natasha says okay, I can do anything to stop Chiku. Rishita hugs her. Mittu says mum said we can take you along. Chiku refuses. Shesh says she isn’t my mum, so she isn’t making a plan with me. He catches a bug. Shiva says sorry Maa. Suman turns away. Shiva says I don’t want this house to get sold, I have a responsibility towards Mittu. Suman says we aren’t here to take care of him, right, you go and stay alone, you have left for 7 years and couldn’t manage, Gautam and Dhara handled you always, you don’t miss me. He says you come with me. She says no, I won’t stay with you, I will only stay with my Gautam and Dhara. Shiva leaves. She cries. Natasha acts. Rishita smiles.

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She says this one is perfect, do this. Mittu hides the bag in storeroom. Chiku looks on. Shweta and Dhara cook food. Shweta says I will try my best to keep Chiku happy and get him whenever he wants. Dhara says no need to get him, just teach him right and wrong. Chiku comes. Shweta serves him the food and asks how is it. He says its very yummy, I never had such food before. Dhara says I have fed you the same thing many times. He says I came to take my water bottle. Suman gets sad and talks to Darshan’s pic. Dhara comes and says it’s the children’s vidaai, I got these clothes for you, our family is together for the last time, just keep these moments safe.

Suman and Dhara cry. Gautam calls out his brothers. He asks them to divide the memories also. He says you are dividing the house, take the pics from albums, leave Dhara and my pics, if you don’t understand what to do then burn the pics. They worry.

Gautam says he is Nagesh, he is buying the house. Everyone signs the papers. Nagesh says this house is mine now, its perfect.