Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Amba’s drama at Grahpravesh


Pandya Store 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Amba doing Dolly-Chirag, Dhawal and Natasha’s grahpravesh. She asks Dolly to hit the kalash and come in. Chirag and Dolly enter. Amba does only Dhawal’s aarti. Natasha looks on. Pranali says she is doing partiality. Hetal says maybe Amba didn’t think much. Amba blows off the diya. She acts and says it’s a bad omen, a cat is crying, what’s this hint. Suman hugs Natasha’s dress and cries. She says my bahus used to keep the house lively and then Natasha was with me, now the house looks lonely. Amrish says everything is fine, Dhawal and Natasha go inside. Amba says I will pray my bahus bring happiness and prosperity. Amba asks Natasha to hit the kalash. Natasha kicks the kalash.

Amba smiles. She asks what did you do. Natasha says sorry, it happened by mistake. Amba says fill the rice back in the kalash. Amrish says its okay, come in. Natasha prays. She walks in. Dhawal and her gathbandhan breaks. Amba says God doesn’t want them to get along. She blesses Natasha and Dhawal.

Suman says Chiku would have grown up, I would have got a bahu for him. Mittu says we are with you. She says yes, I have no hope of Chiku’s return, fake Chiku has hurt me, I won’t believe it if real Chiku comes. Chiku sees Pandya store and asks when will this line break. The man says we will know it on a few days, its your responsibility. Chiku says I will handle it.

Amrish asks Dhawal to give registry papers. Dhawal says I didn’t get it signed, I lied to you, Natasha got kidnapped. Amrish says you lied to me. Dhawal says your dream will get fulfilled. Bhaven says Chirag, do work now, marriage has happened. Chirag jokes on him. Amrish and Dhawal come. Amrish says see the time and talk. Bhaven goes.

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Amrish gives tips to Chirag and Dhawal. He says just husbands manage the relations. Chirag says I understood it well, I will make you meet a little baby soon. Amba taunts Pranali. Dolly says I will have many kids. Dhawal asks Chirag to put some break. Chirag says you didn’t understand, Amrish was saying that. Amrish says yes, it’s a way to keep relations strong, men should control their wives. Dolly says there are no guests here, I thought many people will come for Mu dikhai. She sees her pimple. She says I will go to washroom and come. Amba says okay. Amrish says we will keep this tradition, then bahus will stay in their limit, you teach your wives to stay in their limits. Dhawal worries and thinks how will I handle this, I don’t love Natasha.

Amrish sees Dolly and asks what are you doing here. She says I m doing touchup, this pimple isn’t going, I was in the bathroom when you came to talk to Natasha. He recalls Pranali. She says Pranali came there, she thought I m Natasha and told a lot about you. He asks what. She says Pranali said Natasha and Dhawal’s marriage is happening to get Pandya store, I m sure Natasha knows this. He is shocked.

Natasha says I got a big family today, its mine, its my first rasoi tomorrow. Amrish says yes, you will just handle the kitchen, I will take over the Pandya store.