Pandya Store 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Gautam decides to sell the house


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The Episode starts with Gautam asking his brothers to come out. Shweta takes Chiku to the room. Gautam asks where are your wives. Dhara says they are our bahus. Gautam says your wives answer on your behalf, call them out. He asks them to come out. He asks Dhara not to say anything, let the division happen today. Rishita, Raavi and Prerna come out.

Gautam asks them what do they want. He asks Raavi, Prerna and Rishita to draw the line. He asks them to take their share. He says whatever share remains, Suman, Dhara and I will stay. Prerna asks how can the house get divided. Dhara says I m saying the same. Prerna says no, I meant the house is small. Dhara says shut up, you are going to Canada. Raavi says she is right. Gautam says she is right, our house is small, how will we make four houses here, tell me what to do.

He says fine then, we will sell this house. Suman and Dhara get shocked. Dhara asks Gautam to think and talk. Gautam says look at them, they don’t want to stay together. He asks them to say. Rishita says fine, we will sell the house. Shiva asks how will we sell it, its our identity. She asks is there any other option, tell me, how will you divide this house into four shares, tell me. Gautam says we will sell the house, we will put the house on sale. Suman cries. Gautam says don’t get hesitant now, I m the elder brother, its my responsibility, I will meet the lawyer and find a buyer. He leaves. Dhara says Dev, Gautam lived for you all, Shiva, you don’t think he got broken, he said a big thing, don’t let the house get sold, stop him. Dev, Shiva and Krish run after Gautam. Dhara cries.

She says sorry Maa, you trusted me to keep them together, I can’t do it, you do something. Suman says don’t do anything now, when the house wall gets a crack, then we have to break it, if we fill the crack from outside, its still broken from within, let the division happen, let them get separated, everything will get fine. She hugs Dhara and cries.

The kids say we will not get separated. Gautam is at the lawyer’s office. Dev, Shiva and Krish come. Shiva says whatever is happening, its right or wrong, I don’t know. They ask Gautam to think again. Gautam says shut up, no one will tell anything. He meets the lawyer and says I have to sell Pandya house. Lawyer asks why, do you want to buy a big house. Gautam says no, my family is getting divided into four shares. Lawyer asks what, you four brothers are getting separated, everyone used to swear on your unity. Gautam says time is never the same, my brothers are here, they have no problem in selling the house, find a buyer. A man says I m ready to buy your house, we will seal the deal today itself.

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Gautam asks are you sure. The man says yes, I m sure. Gautam says fine, we will tell you the price, please make the papers ready. Gautam leaves. The man says it’s a great property. Dhara cries. She thinks of everything. She cuts the vegs. Her finger gets hurt. Suman sees Dhara busy. She tries to get something from the table. Dhara rushes to her. She says you will get hurt. Dhara asks do you want water. Suman says sorry, it fell down, you have to clean it now, I feel weak and helpless today after hearing their words.

Dhara says I m with you. Suman asks how long will you do it, you have to handle your family, I have to think for myself. Dhara says don’t say this, else I will die. Suman says life just goes on, I don’t want to become a burden on anyone, put me in old age home. Dhara cries and pacifies her. Shweta packs her bags. Chiku asks where are you leaving. She says I got a job, I have to go. He asks her not to go. She says I have nothing here, I will go. He says don’t go. She says try to understand, I have no relation with this house, I can’t depend on anyone, I have to manage my own expenses, I have to go out and do a job, you are young, you will understand this when you grow up. He says fine then, I will also leave this house. Dhara says stay with me, I will always stay with you forever, I will never leave you. Suman hugs her and cries. Chiku gets his bag to leave.

Dhara says Pandya house is getting sold. She asks the bahus to make their own food.