Pandya Store 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish finds Hetal dancing


Pandya Store 30th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Hetal refusing to dance. She says I promised Amrish, I won’t dance ever. Natasha says you have to dance to save Golu’s life, engage that girl in dance by throwing a challenge, you have to choose, husband’s wish or Golu’s life, don’t cry, I trust myself, I will find Golu, dance for Golu’s sake. Natasha goes. The man shows the trophy and says whoever wins the challenge will get this trophy and a prize money. Hetal comes ahead and raises her hand. Esha looks on. Natasha goes to Pranali and Dolly, and says Amrish is finding Hetal and Golu. Pranali asks where are they. Natasha says Golu is missing. They get shocked. Pranali asks where were Hetal and you, how can anyone kidnap Golu, its imp to tell this to Amrish, else he will kill us, if anything happens to Golu then entire Somnath will face his wrath. Hetal asks the man to make her compete with the ghunghat girl, she dances well. He says sure, what’s your good name. Natasha says everything will be sorted, help me. Pranali refuses. She says Golu is Amrish’s son, we have to tell him. Natasha says think about Hetal, how can you be so stone-hearted, please for Golu’s sake. Dolly says I will help you, you stood by me when I needed you. Natasha cries. Dolly says we should help Natasha. Amrish comes and asks why does she need help. Everyone comes. Hetal says person’s art makes him famous. Esha says what’s this new problem, does she doubt me, she isn’t allowed to dance, it means she knows I have disappeared Golu. The man asks Esha to compete with Hetal in Garba challenge. Amrish asks where are Hetal and Golu. Natasha says sorry, Hetal already took Golu. Pranali and Dolly start acting. Pranali says we are hungry, please get me some food. Bhaven and Chirag look on.

Bhaven says Pranali spoke to Amrish. He goes to Pranali and asks what are you saying. Pranali says I m hungry, I want to have chaat or anything. Amrish says you should have made her eat the food at home, fine, go and eat the food, but first I have to give Dandiya to Golu. She says Bhaven and Chirag will play, get me some food, I m getting dizzy. Dolly says yes, feed her food. Amba asks Pranali to come and have food. They all go.

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Bhaven says what happened, she is talking to Amrish so well, she knows how to speak with love, am I dreaming. Pranali asks Bhaven to come with her. Natasha rushes to find Golu. Dhawal looks for Natasha. Pranali and Dolly start eating the golgappas. Everyone looks on surprised. Pranali asks everyone to eat Golgappas. Amba says you know I didn’t eat Panipuri since 4 years, then why are you asking. Dolly says I m done. Chirag says done. Amba says Amrish, something is wrong, Hetal, Natasha and Golu aren’t here, they have some plan or hiding something. Amrish recalls Dolly’s words. Natasha enters the duct. Hetal and Esha dance in the competition. Natasha gets dizzy. Amba asks the man to put red chilli in the panipuri. Pranali and Dolly say no, we don’t like spicy food. Amba says you all like it, where are Hetal and Natasha. Dolly says we don’t know. Amba asks them to have spicy panipuri. She asks do you remember now, where are Hetal and Natasha. Dolly says enough, if you ask a blind man to show the way, will he tell you, we don’t know, don’t ask us. Dhawal thinks Natasha ignores Amrish’s words, she should have been here, I have to find her. Pranali says its enough now, we can’t eat more. Bhaven says I don’t like panipuri much. Dolly asks Chirag to have it. He says I like sweet panipuri. Amba says Amrish, something is definitely wrong, I will go and see, keep an eye on them. She goes. Amba sees Hetal dancing. She calls Amrish and asks him to see his wife dancing. Amrish gets angry.

Amrish scolds Natasha. He says you kidnapped Golu. Amba says you have to go to jail now. Natasha is shocked.