Pandya Store 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update


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Dhara asks Chiku why he fought with them when he promised that he won’t. Chiku gets upset saying she always thinks he is wrong. He decides not to talk to her and if he made any mistake, then his Sweta mom will correct him. Gowtham gets angry at him for behaving like this with Dhara. Dhara says he can do whatever, but today he was wrong. It’s not good to bully anyone. If someone troubles them, they have to tell to their teacher instead starting a fight. The teacher says kids do what they see in the house. Dhara tells Chiku to say sorry, but he runs away. The teacher warns Dhara that if this happens again, Chiku will be suspended.

Sweta gets a job and she is happy. Prerna learns about it. Sweta tells her not to worry, she won’t trouble her more. She may be uncomfortable with her presence here. Prerna says that when your loved one is with her she doesn’t feel uncomfortable anymore. Sweta says that she can’t realise the value of something when it is with them. They will understand it once they leave her. She says that the Pandya family was with her but she didn’t understand their value. Once they are away from her, she needs their love. Prerna says that she likes her independent life. Later, Dhara returns home along with the others. Shiva confronts Raavi for teaching Mithu wrong things. He complained that she made her son become a scared cat instead of a lion. He doesn’t become a thug if he fights for his rights. Raavi says strictly that her son won’t fight. Meanwhile, Suman and Dhara notice a neighbour is arguing with each other. Bhabhi kicked Devrani out of the house and argued with her. Rishita feels uncomfortable seeing it. Suman says to the neighbours that they used to spy on them and gossip about them. Rishita calls everyone there to talk with them. Shiva thinks that one problem is over and new one starts. Rishita says she doesn’t want to take a chance with her daughter’s future and see her life spoiling like neighbor’s girl. She collects money for Natasha’s future.

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Raavi says there are other children too and she needs to think about them too. Rishita says Natasha is a different one, she was sick, and she can’t see her life spoiling in future. Sheesha complained to Chiku that they ordered not to fight. But they are arguing with them. Raavi says that Mithu is also innocent. They have to deposit money for their future too. Rishita says that she doesn’t understand anything. What if anything happened to Dev and her. Who is there for Natasha? Raavi asks the same of her. Rishita breaks the glass. Her hands started bleeding there. Raavi says this is emotional blackmail. Rishita gets stressed and faints. Shiva scolds Raavi. Natasha gets worried. Chiku says they always fight and blame children for it. They all are wrong.

Shiva listens to Raavi’s sorrow. He reprimands her for requesting shares from them. If they give Rishita’s shares, according to Raavi, they must also give them to her. She is told everything that happened in the past by Raavi. Dhara and Gowtham get tensed thinking about Chiku’s future.

Precap: Dhara gets into argument with Rishita.