Pandya Store 29th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Isha marries Chiku


Pandya Store 29th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bhaven saying Isha isn’t answering. Amba says Isha can’t do this, Natasha would be involved in this, she is taking revenge on our family, we will go to Pandya house and find them. Chirag says I will go to the police station and lodge a complaint. Dhawal says no, we should go to Pandya house. Natasha asks Isha to marry Chiku, else he will die. Chiku asks Natasha to leave his hand. Isha says Yash, I m ready. She holds his hand and saves him. They have an eyelock. He cuts his hand with a stone. Isha worries for him. He says I accept you as my wife. He fills the blood in her hairline. Mangalam…plays… Natasha looks on. Chiku promises Isha. He says Natasha is the witness of our marriage. Isha hugs him. Natasha says be prepared to face the family. Amba and everyone come to Suman and shouts where is my Isha. Suman says she isn’t here. Amba insults Suman.

She says I know Natasha did this. Suman says enough. Chiku and Natasha bring Isha home. Suman asks Amba to leave. Amba says I won’t go without Isha, where is she.

Dhawal says I will call Isha. He hears the phone ringing. They all turn and see Isha coming with Chiku and Natasha. They are shocked. Amrish asks what’s all this. Amba says Isha, what’s all this, what’s this sindoor in your maang. Chiku says Isha has become Isha Pandya now, and I m your son in law. Amba gets dizzy. Dhawal says you wanted to provoke Isha against Rohan, right. Natasha says your thinking always stoops low. Dhawal says my sister’s life got ruined. Amba cries. Natasha says talk logical, Isha is an adult, not a kid. She asks Isha to say, she loves Chiku. Arvind stops Suhani. Amrish says we are breaking ties with this family, you got related to them, you ruined our respect, you did this for Chiku, he has no money and business.

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Chiku gets angry and says you have much money, still you didn’t keep my sister happy, you are insulting me, what work does Dhawal do, he is living on your pity, enough of the talks, get out of here, this is our house, I just got married, I want to stay with my wife, get out. Amrish asks Isha to hear what is Chiku saying about her brothers. He gets angry. Amba asks why did you do this.
Amba shouts why. She cries. She says you took a big step and didn’t think of me. Isha apologizes. She says I had decided to forget Yash, but Yash called me, he was going to die, I got scared, tell me, how could I see my love dying, then Natasha said, I should say yes for marriage. Amba asks did Natasha say.

Isha says I also felt this right. Dhawal asks is there anything left, answer me Natasha, you asked Isha to marry. Natasha says yes, I m the witness of their marriage. Dhawal says I don’t believe this marriage, come, Isha. Chiku stops Isha.

Dhawal accepts the annulment. Natasha also accepts it. They get divorced. Natasha meets Dhawal in the marriage function.