Pandya Store 28th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Shivank is exposed

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The Episode starts with Dhara getting shocked and rushing home to save Prerna. Shivank asks Prerna to listen. Prerna asks him to stop. She hits him and runs out of the room. Dhara comes home and sees Prerna running. She sees Shivank. She slaps him. Prerna hugs her and cries. She says he tried to force me, call the police. He asks what are you saying. Dhara asks how dare you touch her, you have crossed all the limits, I will not spare you. Dhara scolds him. Prerna says I hate you Shivank, Dhara and Krish warned me, I made a mistake. He asks what did I do. Everyone comes home. They see Dhara scolding Shivank. Gautam asks Dhara to stop. Suman asks what did Shivank go. Prerna tells them everything. Suman consoles her. Shivank says she is saying wrong. Gautam and Dev beat him. Shweta hears the noise. Shivank says I have no regret for this. Shweta says Gautam is shouting, I will go and see. Dhara asks Gautam not to believe Shivank. Shivank asks Gautam to kill him. He holds Prerna’s hand and says you are my wife, if its wrong to love a wife, then punish me. Prerna says leave my hand, I m not your wife. Shivank does a drama and laughs. Shweta says I think Shivank did something. Gautam says your marriage happened by cheat, she doesn’t accept you as her husband. Shivank says we got married, it matters to me. Dev asks did you get license to do anything. Shivank says I love her. Suman says I asked them to settle down. Gautam says its wrong if a husband forces a wife if she isn’t giving consent. Suman asks why did she not go to Canada with her parents, she should have gone away, why did she stay with Shivank till now, its better they patch up. Raavi and Rishita go home. Arushi gets ready in bridal wear. She argues with her mum. Her mum says we will leave Somnath. Arushi says Dhara can’t harm me, I will marry Shiva. Dhara says wrong is wrong, when a girl says no, then it means no. Raavi and Rishita come home, and look on shocked. Raavi asks what’s this new drama. Prerna argues with Suman. She says I had spoken to him well and shared the room with him, I regarded him a friend, I respected him, now I got to know everything was fake, I didn’t stay here to keep this marriage, I was staying here for my love, Krish, with a hope that we will unite again. Suman says you think Krish and Shweta’s relation will break, isn’t this wrong, Shweta is pregnant with his child.

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Suman scolds Prerna. Dhara says Gautam and I are married, he never touched me against my wish. She asks Shweta how did she let wrong happen with Prerna. Shweta says I was in my room, I don’t know anything. Dev says you forgot what she did with our Krish. Dhara says right, Shweta and Shivank are same. Raavi says enough, I won’t hear a word against Shivank. He hugs her and says tell them, I m not characterless, they have blamed me, I was just loving Prerna, I was trying to make her mine. Prerna scolds him.

Dev says I will call the police. Raavi stops Dev and supports Shivank. Dhara says you are justifying Shivank’s crime. Raavi asks if Hardik was in this situation. Rishita says how can you compare Hardik with Shivank. Raavi says yes, he is my brother, I can’t believe he did wrong. She asks Prerna to tell her what did he do. They go. Dhara says I know your truth, come with me to the police station, I will not lose the chance to get him punished.

Dhara says I will remove Shivank from Pandya family.