Pandya Store 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiva gets upset

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The Episode starts with Shivank saying they are breaking my little dreams. Mittu goes to Dev. Rishita says he doesn’t understand. Shiva asks Dev to stop Rishita. Suman says we will meet your mum, go and call her, I can’t say yes so soon. Shiva asks how can you let this happen, you didn’t tell anything during Gautam’s marriage. Gautam says mum couldn’t talk that time. Suman says I will go, if you want to decide. Raavi hides from there. Shiva asks Dev to call Raavi and send the kids.

Arushi asks her to come out and stop the drama. Prerna asks Dhara to not worry. Shweta sees them and says you both are planning against me, it doesn’t matter to me, carry on. Dhara goes. Shweta says I will take food quickly. Rishita says Mittu, go to Shiva. He says Shiva doesn’t call me son. She says tell him, he is your dad. Mittu goes to Shiva and calls him Papa. Shiva says I m your uncle. Arushi worries. Shiva asks Mittu to go to Dev. Gautam says you are not related with him now. Suman asks about Arushi’s mum. Arushi says she is in bathroom, she is coming. She goes and asks her mum to come. Her mum refuses. She says you know Shiva is already married. Arushi says just come and meet them. Her mum says its my last decision, I won’t come outside. Arushi says fine, I will get Suman inside. The kids get confused about their mum and dad.

Rishita bribes the kids and asks them to take Shiva outside. The kids ask Shiva to take them out and make them have icecream. Shiva says we will have it later. Suman asks where is your mum, is she still in bathroom. Krish comes to the hospital. Shivank follows. Krish gives the blood samples for test. Gautam asks Dev to handle the kids. Dev asks him to handle all of them. Gautam sees Raavi and goes to her. He asks what’s this drama going on. She says Shiva is doing a drama, you are supporting your brother. He says you guys sort this matter. Shiva says I will get you icecream after my relation gets fixed. Rishita pushes Shiva. Shiva asks how did you push me. She says no. He asks who pushed me then. He argues. Arushi stops Shiva and says sit here, you won’t go anywhere. She asks Suman to come with her and meet Aai. Raavi calls Dhara and says you should come here. Dhara says I can’t come, I m waiting for a big news, I explained Arushi’s mum and asked her not to let this marriage happen. Raavi says just come, else I will think you don’t love me. Dhara says Prerna, Raavi is much worried, I have to go there. She leaves. Raavi asks the driver to take her husband in the auto. The kids get Shiva. Raavi and Rishita send Shiva home. Rishita and Raavi also leave.

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The kids ask for pizza and Chole. Suman doesn’t see Arushi’s mum. She says your mum knows you are doing wrong, so she has run away, leave Shiva and get some other guy, he can’t be yours. Arushi says I know everything, but I will marry him.

Krish says I m going to become father of Prerna’s child. Shivank says no, its my child, I won’t let you get Prerna.