Pandya Store 25th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish gets arrested


Pandya Store 25th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with everyone watching Natasha’s dance act. Natasha’s slipper gets off and hits Paresh. Pranali gets angry. Amrish says don’t feel bad, it happens, pick the slipper and give it to her. Paresh picks the slipper. Natasha says I want to dance more. Dhawal asks are you drunk. Amrish and everyone are shocked. Natasha says no. Suman says she never drinks. Amba asks Natasha are you okay, you are drunk… The guest taunts Amrish.

Pranali smiles. Mittu thinks whose box is this. He check the alcohol bottles. He worries. The police arrives. Suman asks Dhawal to save Natasha, else police will take her. She says its someone’s conspiracy. Amba says we have no enmity with anyone, we don’t know about your enemies. Mittu hides the box. Bhaven says we don’t keep alcohol. Suman asks Dhawal to get salt water to make Natasha vomit. Amrish says we won’t do anything that ruins our respect. Dhawal gets the salt water and feeds it to Natasha. Natasha vomits. Mittu hides the box outside the venue. Natasha asks why is my head spinning. Dhawal asks who asked you to drink. She says I never had drinks in my life. He says police has come, I will just come. Suman asks what did you drink. Natasha recalls the drinks and says it was bitter. Inspector says we have to check the place. Mittu signs Shesh. Amba says it will be fun. She sees the box missing. She asks Chabeli to go and find it quickly. She worries. Inspector says we will go out and check the cars. Amrish says don’t trouble us more. Inspector says let us do our duty. He goes out and checks the cars. Police finds the alcohol bottles in a car. Amba says how did it reach Amrish’s car. Amrish is shocked.

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Inspector asks him to say. Chabeli says Natasha’s earring is still in that box. Mittu recalls getting Natasha’s earring and taking it. Inspector arrests Amrish. Amba cries and asks them to stop. Dhawal gets angry and goes to Natasha. He says congrats, police arrested Amrish because of you. Natasha asks what are you saying. He says police should have arrested you, this happened because of you, you got the drinks here. She asks how dare you blame me. They argue. She says I had taken a juice drink, I didn’t know it was spiked. He says enough, Amrish got insulted because of you, so I can’t marry a girl like you. She says I won’t marry you either.

Natasha says Amrish can’t be wrong, someone framed him, I will find out who did this, I will make Dhawal realize his mistake and save Amrish from jail.