Pandya Store 24th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha saves Dhawal


Pandya Store 24th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Natasha running and saving Dhawal. The tribals look for them. Natasha worries for Dhawal. Suhani comes to meet Dhawal. Amba says we got a call from the camp, Dhawal is missing, we are going there. Suhani says I will come along. They leave in the car. Suman says Chiku, Natasha’s college informed, she is missing. They rush. Natasha takes Dhawal somewhere. She sees the bullet shot on his arm. She looks for some help. Suman, Chiku, Amrish, Amba and Suhani come to the camp. Amrish gets angry on Chiku.

He threatens Chiku and says you want to marry my sister, did you see you status. Suman says its enough, you left Isha to suffer, where did your love go that time, you don’t value relations, you are talking about status. Chiku says I m not scared of you, I m here for Natasha, she is more imp than this, go away. Amba shouts Dhawal. Natasha asks Dhawal not to close his eyes.

She hugs him and cries. Ya rabba…plays…. She finds a cycle there. She ties Dhawal to her waist, and rides the cycle. They leave. The tribals come there and see the blood stains. The guy says maybe they are here, find them. Natasha asks Dhawal to open his eyes.

She thinks I love you Dhawal, just get fine, then I will talk to you, we should try again. Amba and everyone look for Dhawal and Natasha. The guy sees Suhani and says what is she doing here, I have to leave from here. The guy runs. The tribals also rush. Suman sees Natasha and shouts. Natasha feels dizzy. They both fall down the cycle. Everyone rushes to help. Amrish sees Dhawal injured. Amba asks him to get up. Chiku holds Natasha. Suhani hugs Dhawal and asks are you fine.

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Natasha cries seeing them. Suhani says I don’t want to know anything, I felt I will lose you, I just want to be with you. She hugs him. Natasha gets sad. She makes Suhani away. She holds Dhawal and says you can talk later, he is shot, call the doctor. Suman asks are you hurt. Natasha signs no. Amba pushes Natasha and scolds her.

Police and students come. Sir says we heard the gun shot, we already called the ambulance. Natasha tells the police about poaching. Inspector says don’t worry, they don’t get saved. Suhani asks Dhawal to open his eyes. Police catches the tribals. The guy looks on and worries. Inspector says they got caught because of Natasha, they do illegal trade of animals. Amrish thanks him. Suman and Chiku take care of Natasha. Natasha asks is Dhawal fine. Dhawal is with his family. Amba hugs him and cries.

Dhawal says Natasha saved my life, how shall I leave her, what shall I explain to Amrish. Amrish asks do you regret leaving Natasha. Dhawal says yes. Amrish says I free you from the promise, you go and get Natasha home, but I have a condition.