Pandya Store 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha gets drunk


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The Episode starts with Natasha stopping Shesh and asking him not to touch anyone’s things. Shesh goes. Amba looks on. She goes to Natasha and goes to take her earring. She takes the earring. She says Amrish agreed for Sangeet with difficulty, we don’t like bahus to dance, we have called the dancers, the Makhwana family women will just watch it and clap. Natasha says but we have prepared the dance, I will go and talk to Dhawal. Amba says yes. Natasha goes. Amba says I will make her drink the special juice, then real Sangeet will start. Amrish asks Hetal about the gifts for Natasha’s family. She says its in the car dickey. He says I will go and get it. She says sorry, I forgot, I will get it. He warns her. Pranali looks on. The man says dancers are going to perform in sometime. Hetal and Chirag get the gifts from the car. The dickey doesn’t get shut. Amba says we have to feed the special juice to Natasha, Chabeli don’t make any mistake. The dancers perform. Hetal enjoys the performance. Show me the thumka….plays… Chabeli goes to get the alcohol bottle.

Natasha collides with Dhawal. He holds her. She says Kaki said we won’t dance, its not allowed in your house. He says no, we have kept the function. She says Kaki told me the truth, what’s the problem with dance. He thinks how to answer her. Amrish sees Hetal. He stops her. Dhawal says I did this for you, if you dance, your calories will burn and face will get dull, you can get sick also. Natasha says this is so cute, don’t worry, nothing will happen to me, I have prepared a special dance for you, please let me dance. He says its for our betterment. She asks how. He says Amrish is old school, he doesn’t like this. She says Hetal is a dancer, its our marriage, we should enjoy it. He says Amrish’s happiness is much imp to me, I can do anything for him. She asks won’t you marry if he tells you. Amrish asks Hetal to go and see the food arrangements. She goes.

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Dhawal says don’t think of all this today. He feeds her the starters. Amba comes to Amrish. He says Natasha is a nice girl, see they both look good together. Natasha coughs and says its very spicy, I want water. Waiter says sorry, I will get water. Dhawal feeds the water to her. Amba says Natasha is the best girl for Dhawal if we keep the mall wish aside. Natasha goes to get drinks. Amba asks did you keep special drinks in the party. Amrish says no, I don’t like it. Amba says Natasha said she will get drinks. He says she would have gone to get juice, how can alcohol come here. Suman asks where is Natasha. Natasha takes the drink. Suman asks Mittu to get her.

Natasha says its bitter, check it before serving to guests. Waiter smiles. She gets dizzy. Amrish asks Dhawal did you tell Natasha. Dhawal says yes, she agreed. Amrish says nice. Suman asks Shesh and Mittu to take her to washroom. They go. Natasha dances on the stage on Hungama hogaya…. Dhawal and his family are shocked. She calls out Dhawal and asks him to come. She dances on Makhna ve makhna. Amrish gets angry. Amba smiles. Natasha takes Dhawal on stage and dances on Mujhe pyaar tumse hai… Suman comes back. She sees Natasha drunk and dancing with Dhawal. She asks what’s happening, did she drink bhaang. Amba goes and calls the police station. She complains about the alcohol distribution in the party.

Dhawal and Natasha argue and break the relation.