Pandya Store 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha do the puja together


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The Episode starts with Dhawal asking Natasha to do the Krishna aarti. Suman smiles. Amba worries. Everyone finishes the puja. Dhawal and Natasha smile. Amrish asks Bhaven to take Pranali away. Bhaven asks Pranali to come home and take medicines. She stumbles. Natasha sees her. Pranali says I fell down the stairs and got hurt. Amrish smiles. Natasha says you should take care. Suman says we will go home, we will do puja at home also. Natasha takes everyone’s blessings. Amba asks them to take prasad and go. She gives the prasad to Natasha. Suman taunts her. Amba asks Natasha to sit and take the prasad. She asks Dhawal to come and sit with Natasha. Amba thinks Natasha and Suman do anything and make us agree. Dhawal and Natasha also do the rituals and pray. Amba apologizes to Suman and says I should have been careful of these things. She blesses Dhawal and Natasha to have a child soon. She says Dhawal will come and pick Natasha tomorrow. Natasha thinks so soon, I want to stay in Maayka for some days. Amba asks is there any problem. Suman says nothing. Amba says go and make preparations. Amrish says I will drop Suman. Chirag says Dhawal will drop them. Natasha and family leave.

Suman asks Natasha to sit in the front seat. She sits in the back seat. She says we will sleep now. Dhawal plays the bhajan. Suman asks him to play some romantic song. Roop tera mastana….plays… They have a moment. Dhawal sees Natasha. Mittu says where are you taking us, our house is behind. Dhawal stops the car and says sorry. He drops them home. Suman asks Dhawal to have tea. He says no, you all are tired, take rest, I will come tomorrow. Natasha thinks he doesn’t even say good night, useless, boring old man. Budda mil gaya…plays… She says Budda. Dhawal asks what. Natasha says Bhutta/corn, I want to eat it, I will make corn soup. Dhawal says nice, I will go now. She smiles.

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Bhaven helps Pranali and does the aid. He says I m feeling much guilty, I m sorry. Suman asks why did Amba do partiality with Chutki, I know it. Natasha says we will win the dahi handi. She shows her tshirt. Suman gives Shiva’s locker and says he used to wear this always and he won always. She makes Natasha wear it. She asks her to sleep now. Natasha and Dhawal wait for each other’s message. He says she doesn’t value me, I m tolerating her just for Pandya store.
Natasha and Dhawal challenge each other. Amba says I will not permit Natasha to play.