Pandya Store 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Suman defends Natasha


Pandya Store 1st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Suman saying this bracelet is of Natasha. She opens the heart of the bracelet and shows the pics of the family members. She says he is my eldest son and bahu, Gautam and Dhara, they gave a new life to Natasha. She praises them. She opens another heart and says Dev and Rishita, Natasha’s parents, their smartness and business skills are still praised by everyone. She shows Shiva and Raavi’s pic. She says they were ready to kill and die for the family’s sake. Mittu cries. Suman says if Shiva was alive today, then he would have not spared Dhawal. She shows Krish and Prerna’s pic. She says they used to keep the family first and respect the family a lot, Natasha has qualities of all of them. She shows Chiku’s pic and says he is my eldest grandson. She cries. She says don’t know where is he now, I m waiting for his return. She says this bracelet isn’t yours, its of Natasha. Amrish says please don’t cry, I will clear the bills by tomorrow, sit in the car, driver will drop you. Dhawal says they insulted you. Amrish says its okay, sit in the car. Natasha says no thanks, we will go. Suman goes with her grandchildren. Maa says Amrish, I think this family is clever, Natasha will ruin her Sasural. Amrish smiles. Pandyas come home. Natasha gets the papers. She thinks Harish Kaka got this to me in the morning. Harish calls her and asks her to talk to Suman. She says I don’t think Daama will agree. He asks her to think and update him. Maa and everyone come home.

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Maa asks the maid to massage her head. She says no one cares for me. Amrish asks Hetal to get food for Maa. Hetal says food isn’t prepared at home. Maa asks Pranali to cook food. Pranali says but there is no preparation, we will have food in our rooms. Hetal says I will make food for you. Maa says bahu should be like Hetal. Shesh gets angry. Suman says your anger is like pressure cooker, you didn’t fight them, and Mittu is a coward, so I miss Chiku a lot. Natasha hugs her. She says I couldn’t find Chiku and Shweta. Suman says I promised Gautam and Dhara that I will… She cries. Shesh says it would have been good if I went away instead Chiku, I would have got love, no one loves me. Natasha says mum and dad were worried for me, who will handle it if you go away. They hug. Suman recalls her children. She asks Shesh not to go anywhere. Maa expects some drama. Amrish goes to Hetal. He scolds her for dancing on stage. She cries and says Maa had sent me on stage. He says its Maa’s mistake, you don’t have to use your brain. He throws a glass. Maa smiles and says I told you, there will be a drama. Hetal says right, I made a mistake. Shesh asks Suman not to cry. The kids hug Suman. Dhawal is with his friend. He sees the video of Mittu’s blunder. He says I will show Natasha now.
Dhawal comes to meet Natasha. She sees a shadow and screams. She says there is a thief. Suman gets up.