Pandya Store 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Suman gets suspicious


Pandya Store 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Natasha lying to Suman. Suman sleeps. Dhawal lifts Natasha in arms and takes her. Natasha dreams of this moment and wakes up. Suman asks what happened. Natasha looks around. Dhawal also imagines Natasha. Tum kya mile…plays…. He lies to sleep. Natasha asks when can I go back. Suman says you just came, you can do after Janmashtami, we will do puja tomorrow. Its morning, Amba and her family do the aarti and pray. Dhawal asks shall I get Natasha back. Amba says not now, get her after Pranali gets fine, else she will ask many questions, she will call the police.

Amrish says Dahi handi should come in Makhwana family. Dhawal says sure. They laugh. Amrish asks the men to play dhol. The family members dance. Suman asks Natasha, Shesh and Mittu to get the dahi Handi. Natasha says don’t worry, we will win the dahi handi. Suman recalls her family and cries. She says we used to celebrate every day, my family was big, sorry, I feel circus with you all. They laugh. Suman says call Dhawal, we will go and do a puja, you will get blessed and have a baby by next year. Natasha says no, we won’t call Dhawal. Suman says its your Maayka, that’s your Sasural. Natasha says I don’t know if I have got caged after marriage. She cries. Shesh asks why are you so worried.

Suman says call Dhawal. Natasha says no, he will tell his house rules. Suman says you fought with him. Dhawal and Chirag are on the way. He says I will get the items from the temple. Chirag asks where are you heading. He teases him about Natasha. He says you are missing her, so you are going to meet her. Natasha says I try to understand everyone, but something happens that Dhawal and I fight. Natasha goes out to tie the dahi Handi. Dhawal sees her. Chirag says your wife is preparing for dahi handi. Dhawal says yes, I will break it this time. Natasha dances. Dhawal says we will surprise her. He drives ahead. He throws the flower basket. The rose petals fall on Natasha. Dhawal smiles seeing her.

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She gets shocked and throws the cow dung at his car. He says wild car. Chirag says you are teasing your wife. Dhawal gets Suman’s call. Suman asks where are you, I need to talk, its your first Janmashtami, come to the temple and do a puja with Natasha. Dhawal says we are going to temple for the puja, I will come later. She says fine. She says I don’t understand why they have sent Natasha here, when they are celebrating Janmashtami. Suman thinks to find out the matter.

Natasha and Dhawal challenge each other. Amba says I will not permit Natasha to play.