Pandya Store 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal agrees to marry Suhani


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The Episode starts with Dhawal asking Chiku to stand by Natasha, she needs him. He says sorry and goes. Isha looks on. Chiku gets leaving. Isha stops him. He says I m angry, if I say anything, then you will feel bad. She says fine, what else do you know, I just came to tell you, my marriage is getting fixed, I know we never spoke to each other, but I have felt it, if its true, then please do something. She goes. He looks on. Suhani drinks some water. Amrish asks Dolly to serve sweets, Dhawal is just coming. Dhawal thinks I havea to do something to make Natasha move on. Arvind asks is there any problem. Suhani says I don’t think Dhawal is ready for this marriage, this marriage can’t happen. Everyone is shocked.

Dhawal comes and says Suhani, we should move ahead in this relation, I m ready for this marriage. Amrish and everyone look on. Amba and Arvind smile. Amrish hugs Dhawal and smiles. He says I knew it, you can do anything for me, I can do anything for you, you both will stay happy, its my guarantee, have sweets. He feeds sweets to Arvind, Suhani and Dhawal. Dhawal doesn’t eat the sweets. Amrish asks Amba to have sweets. Dhawal goes.

He stands under the shower and recalls Natasha. He imagines Natasha with him. She says we aren’t made to live together. He cries. Its morning, Suman asks Natasha to eat food and medicines on time. Natasha packs her bag. She gives the renovation quotation to Chiku and says we got good discount, thanks to Sandeep, you go with him and get good quality raw material. He says I will handle it, do you really want to go, Dhawal would be there, shall I come along. She says I m Rishita’s daughter, I can handle everything, don’t worry. He hugs her. Suman smiles and hugs them. Natasha leaves. Dhawal waits for Natasha. Suhani calls him and says I don’t want you to decide this by some pressure. He says calm down, I m going on a college trip, I will meet you once I come back. She says okay, take care. Sandeep drops Natasha and Neetu. She stumbles. Sandeep holds her. Dhawal looks on. His friend says you got jealous, Sandeep is Neetu’s brother, he is married, there is no scope, why are you worried. Dhawal says I m not jealous. He sees Natasha. Urmi greets Dhawal and says you are single now, you can sit with me. Dhawal sits alone. They reach the forest area. Dhawal looks for Natasha. He says I should focus on moving on. His friends say the place looks haunted. Dhawal scares them and laughs. The man says tent number 10 is allotted to Dhawal. Dhawal goes to tent number 10. He sees Natasha there. She is changing. She sees him and screams. He says sorry Natasha, I didn’t see. He goes out. She scolds him. They start arguing. She pushes him. The tent falls. Everyone runs to see. The ropes choke Natasha. She shouts for help. Dhawal tries to get up. He gets shocked seeing the rope in her neck. He tries to remove the rope.

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Dhawal and Natasha argue. They hear about the ghosts. The tribal woman tells about the threat in the jungle area. Dhawal looks around.