Pandya Store 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiva regains his memory


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The Episode starts with Dhara calling out Shiva. She enters the room from a window and looks for him. She comes to everyone and says Shiva has run away, he isn’t in the room. Raavi says I was afraid for this, he has run away, is he with Arushi. Prerna says no, its good Krish, I didn’t leave your hand. Dhara says just think of Raavi without getting selfish. Prerna says sorry. Rishita says my marriage isn’t happening. Malti calls Dhara and says Shiva and Arushi are marrying at Shiv Gauri temple, come fast. Raavi says I should die. Dhara says don’t worry, I won’t let wrong happen. Raavi says you promised me, you will get me married to Shiva, where is he. Suman says we have to go and stop the marriage. Dhara asks Pandit to come when she calls him. They rush. Malti sees Shiva and Arushi doing a puja. Shiva says we will become Shiv Parvati now. Arushi says yes, I m eager.

Rishita and Raavi argue. Raavi says I will send everyone to jail, you are thankless, selfish and everything. She asks Shweta why is she coming. Shweta says no, take me there. Suman asks them to sit. Malti stops Shiva and Arushi. She says this marriage can’t happen, this is Adharm. Arushi stops her. Shiva asks how is it Adharm. Malti says Shiva is already married, he can’t remarry, my daughter got blind in love, stop her from doing this sin. Shiva asks what nonsense, I m not married. Arushi pushes Malti on the ground. She says I don’t want you or your blessings, get lost. Gautam says we are going to temple. Natasha likes a doll. Chiku snatches it from the lady’s hand and gives it to Natasha. The couple follows the car and stops them. The kids argue. Gautam stops them. The man and Gautam get into a fight. Everyone gets stuck in traffic.

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Raavi says I will send Shiva to jail. Suman says we will give statement from your side. Shiva says you should have not pushed her, she is your mum. Pandit says puja is complete. Dhara, Krish and Dev go to see the matter. They see Gautam fighting the man. The lady says Chiku has snatched the doll from my hand, this man is beating my husband. Dhara apologizes. The lady says you explain your kids that theft is wrong. Dhara asks the kids to sit in the car. They leave. Shiva and Arushi exchange and garlands and sit in the mandap. Pandit asks them to stand for the rounds. Arushi smiles. Shiva takes the wedding rounds with her. He recalls his marriage with Raavi. He recalls his past with Raavi and Mittu. Pandit asks the girl to come ahead for rounds. Shiva imagines Raavi. Arushi asks Shiva to come. He breaks the gathbandhan. Raavi and everyone reach the TEMPLE. Shiva sees Raavi and everyone coming. He smiles.

Arushi says don’t do this with me, please marry me. Raavi slaps her. She scolds her.