Pandya Store 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shivank and Arushi arrive at the resort


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The Episode starts with Dhara and family meeting Hardik. She hugs him and cries. Suman says its good you didn’t get married in Somnath. Arushi and Shivank make stories in front of the panipuri stall. They take the panipuri. Hardik introduces his wife Kajal to everyone. He says Deven and Kiran are her parents. He says this is my family, my everything. Dhara hugs Kajal. Hardik says my wife is beautiful, right. Everyone nods. Shivank collides with a constable and argues. Constable asks shall I put you in jail, you are lucky that you are Gautam’s relative, whose marriage talks are going on. Shivank says our marriage. Constable says I didn’t get the card. Shivank says we are getting married in Ahmedabad, just family members are coming. Constable doubts them. Arushi says he can tell this to Gautam. Shivank says he won’t say, come.

Hardik says take the room keys, I have arranged everything, take rest. Dhara hugs him and cries. She says you won’t be alone, I m very happy for you. He asks why are you upset, is everything fine at home. She says yes, I m just tired of the travel. Arushi and Shivank come there. They ask someone about royal resort. The man says I m seeing stylish panipuri vendors for the first time. Arushi says we are five star hotel staff. The man tells the address.

He follows them. Arushi asks will you come with us, thanks for the address, go now. The man says I want to taste the big hotel panipuri, I will pay. Shivank says we have limited stock, go now. Hardik says I can catch your lie, tell me the truth. Dhara says we will talk later. He says fine, we won’t go anywhere until you tell me. He asks her to say. She tells about Malti. He gets angry.
He says you asked her or not, when she left two innocent kids, give her number, I will talk to her, we don’t need her. She says you can’t talk to her. He says it means she has run away again. She says she is no more. He gets shocked. She says she left us again, she came to Somnath, our differences resolved, she died to save my life. He says you didn’t inform me about her. She says how could I tell you that she left again, I regret that she has another daughter from her second marriage, her name is Arushi, she regards me her enemy, don’t know who filled hatred in her heart. Shivank and Arushi hide from that man. They trick him and leave. Dhara says we got mum after many years, I couldn’t handle that joy, we will focus on your marriage now. The man asks where shall I keep the bags. Dhara says I don’t know about the bags. Hardik asks why don’t you know. Dhara says Pandya family was a symbol of unity for you, it has divided into pieces due to the new thinking, we got split. She tells everything. He cries. Shivank and Arushi come there. He says Hardik is your stepbrother, are you seeing him for the first time. She says Hardik and Malti are of Dhara, what about me, I will kill her. He says I will kill the entire Pandya family.

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Gautam says Arushi and Shivank will come to take revenge on us. Arushi and Shivank prepare the poisonous water. Dev, Krish and Shiva say we promise, we won’t let them succeed.