Pandya Store 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha confronts Esha


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The Episode starts with Amba looking for Esha. She asks Dolly to go, she will just come. Dolly asks her to come. Chiku asks all okay. Esha says yes, I don’t feel well, I will go home. He asks her to have juice. Dhawal sees Amba tense and asks what happened. Amba says Esha…. Suman calls Chiku. She says you have to make a payment, come in. Chiku says I m coming. He asks Esha to have juice and go home. Dhawal asks how can she be here, why didn’t she come home. Amba says maybe she has seen us here and ran away, I have seen here, how will she come home after all that happened, go and find her. He says fine, I will go.

Natasha says do pocket-friendly marriage. Suman says yes. Natasha says don’t worry for anything. Suman blesses her. Natasha sees Dhawal going out. She says what happened to him. She says I will just come. She goes. Chiku comes to Suman. Suman asks him to make the payment. Shesh and Mittu say our shopping is also done. Suman says fine, come. They leave. Natasha sees Esha. She sees the flower tattoo on her hand. She follows Esha. Amba is lost. Dhawal says she isn’t here. Amba says don’t know where did she go. Esha enters Pandya house. Natasha comes there.

She scolds Esha for kidnapping Golu. Esha tries to run. Natasha catches her. Esha throws things at her. She runs out of the house. Natasha asks her to stop. Hetal worries and says Natasha isn’t here. Dhawal says I will call her. Natasha runs after Esha. Hetal says we should find her out, maybe she went to do more shopping. Amba says we will leave home, Natasha will come on her own. Dhawal calls Natasha. He thinks she never answers the call. Amba asks him to come, Natasha will come on her own. Natasha pushes a veg cart after Esha. The man catches Natasha. Esha falls on the cart. She shouts for help. The cart hits a tree. Esha falls down. The man says you did my big loss, come with me to the police. Natasha says let me go, that girl had stolen a child, let me catch her. He asks for money. Dhawal sees the vegetables fallen on the road. He says I will go and help. Esha hides from Dhawal. He picks the vegetables. Hetal and everyone come to help. Esha worries.

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Amba asks them to come. They leave. Esha gets up. She sees Natasha. Natasha catches her. She asks why did you kidnap Golu, what’s your relation with Makhwanas, tell me. Esha says I m requesting you, please leave me. Natasha shouts police. The people gather. Natasha says this girl has stolen the kid. Esha says no. The man says Natasha is a thief, I will call the police. Esha worries and asks will you send your Nanand/sister-in-law to jail. Natasha gets shocked.

The man says wait, I will call the police. Natasha refuses. He says police will come now. Natash says Esha is so innocent, I don’t even know you. He says you made my loss. Natasha says tell Kaka that we are friends. They run. Amba and everyone come home. Dhawal asks Amba why didn’t you tell me if Esha has come here. He says Esha should be at home. Esha asks Natasha to leave her. Natasha says no, tell me, why did you kidnap Golu, a Bua can never do this.

Dhawal says we are her family, shouldn’t we get her back. Dolly asks who is Esha. Amrish, Bhaven and Chirag come home. Amrish says she was this house’s daughter and our sister, now this relation isn’t there. Natasha says you can’t go anywhere. Esha says go and ask your husband.

Natasha comes home. Dhawal says we should find Esha and bring her home. Amrish says she will never come back home. Natasha says we can bring Esha home, I have to get her back.