Pandya Store 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Chiku and Natasha go missing


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The Episode starts with Shesh saying sorry, don’t tell mumma. Dhara says stealing is bad. He says I won’t do it again. She asks about Natasha. He says she went to meet Chiku on the highway road. They get worried. Chiku meets Natasha. He runs and hugs her. He says you said you are sick. Natasha says I m a good actor, what shall I do, I had to do this. Raavi and Shiva go out to find Mittu. Mittu calls out Shesh.

Raavi says don’t call family, else I will get taunts. Natasha asks Chiku to come home. Chiku says no, why did you call me. She says we have to plan something to unite the family. Shweta comes home. She doesn’t see Chiku. Rishita asks the inspector to find her children. He says you have come before also to file the missing report, look for them first and then come. Dev and Rishita leave. Shweta calls Dhara and says Chiku is missing. Dhara says don’t worry, he went to meet Chutki, we are also going there, you also come.

Dev says I told you we will call Gautam and Dhara. Gautam calls Dev. He asks where are you, don’t worry, Shesh is with us. Mittu comes crying. Gautam says Mittu has come here. Dhara asks what happened. Suman hugs Mittu. Dev asks how did he come. Rishita asks is Chutki there. Gautam says no, she went to meet Chiku, we are also going there, Shesh told us, kids don’t know division. Dev says we are coming. Mittu says everyone bullies me in the school, they had beaten me and torn my clothes, I came to take Shesh and Chiku, I told at home, mum and dad started fighting, I don’t know their houses, so I came here. Gautam says you did good. Mittu sits to eat food. Dhara says we will go and get the kids. A man sees the kids and goes to ask them what are they doing. They see him and think he will catch them. They run. Suman calls Shiva and says Mittu and Shesh are here, will you handle your family this way. She ends call. Prerna says I feel suffocated here. Krish says I can’t bring the home feel here. She says this hotel isn’t good. He says its good, you are missing the homemade food, we can go to Dhara and have food. She says yes.

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Shesh says don’t worry, I will tackle everyone art school, Mittu. Shiva and Raavi come. They scold Mittu. Suman scolds them. Raavi says sorry. Shiva asks where is Dhara. Suman says kids ran to meet each other, Dhara went to highway to get Chiku and Natasha. Raavi says we will go and get them.

Dhara calls Dev and Shiva and asks them to meet at the highway. The kids run. Shweta also looks for them. Krish and Prerna come to Suman’s place. Suman blesses them. Krish says Prerna wasn’t liking hotel food, I told her that Dhara makes khichdi well so I got her here. Suman says Dhara isn’t at home, kids ran to meet each other, Dhara went to the highway to get them. Krish says I will go. Prerna says I will also come. Suman says you are pregnant, stay back, I will make khichdi for you. Prerna cries and hugs her. Krish leaves.

Everyone looks for the kids and worries. The man runs after the kids and asks them to stop. The elders get the kids’ belongings. The kids hit stones at the man and injure him. The man asks them to stop. He says I will click their pic and send to police, he will make them reach their home. Dhara asks him what happened. The man says two kids have broken my head, I thought to drop them home, they hit me with a stone. She shows the pic. He says these kids. She says sorry, I m their mum. He says they run towards the jungle. She worries.

The family unites and finds the kids. Gautam says Hardik invited us in his marriage. Dhara says I m sure our family will unite back forever.