Pandya Store 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish comes clean


Pandya Store 12th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Natasha scolding Amrish for cheating them. Dhawal asks Amrish what’s all this. Pranali calls the man to deliver the cylinder. The man says it will take time. Chabeli pays him money. Pranali says this happened because of Natasha, we got stuck. Amrish slaps the man. He calls him a liar. He says I told you, Pandya store shouldn’t get damaged, my family is doubting me because of you. The man says you told me to break Pandya store. Amrish asks how can I say that, its my bahu’s store, its my family store. The man shows the number and says I spoke to you. Amrish says my number would be there, I asked you to break all the stores leaving Pandya store, Pandya store isn’t on my name. He scolds the man.

Chiku and that man leave. Amba comes and asks what are you doing, Amrish would be coming, he is hungry. Hetal says cylinder didn’t come, we didn’t make food. Amba says I have ordered it, that’s why I tell you that four stoves are necessary. Pranali asks shall I order food from outside. Amba says Amrish would be coming, go and set the plates on the dining table, food will be prepared but…. Amrish says we are responsible for their problem, we got this donkey as our contractor. He apologizes to Suman.

Suman says its fine. Dhawal says sorry, please forgive us. Suman says no, it’s a misunderstanding, you came on time, you are good, every daughter should get such Sasural. Suman asks them to come and have food. She says Natasha can’t come to store until Pagphere. Amrish says no, we will have food made by Natasha. Natasha says oh no, I have to go. She runs to her Sasural. Suman thinks maybe she left the work in her Sasural. Shesh says Natasha left the kitchen and came here. Suman says she does multi tasking, she will manage. Amrish says its okay, she will learn everything. Amba gets the food and says I m a mother, how can I leave my children hungry. Natasha comes and asks is the food ready. Hetal says yes. Natasha thanks Amba.

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She says I had faith, Amba will handle me if I get stuck in any problem. They get shocked seeing the raw vegetables and rice. Amrish and Dhawal come home. They get shocked seeing the food. Chirag and Bhaven come. Amba says food is different today, Natasha got an imp call and she ran out leaving everything, gas got over, eat this raw food now. She asks Chabeli to get hot water for them. Natasha says sorry, I didn’t want everyone to stay hungry because of me. Amba says no, its okay, you all get habitual to eat raw food, Natasha’s one kitchen scheme will go on. Everyone drinks the hot water. Natasha says I will order food. Dhawal says that’s okay. Amrish says I have to go for a meeting, don’t order food for me, such small issues happen in big families, don’t worry, chill.

Everyone leaves. Amba starts her drama. Natasha says I have to run the store also. Amba says yes, I have three bahus, they can have their work, who will cook the food here, if there are separate kitchens, then it will be helpful, I have ordered cylinders for everyone. The man delivers the cylinders. Amba thinks its your defeat. Natasha thinks maybe Amba is right.
Natasha argues with Dhawal. He says you have tried to hurt Amrish’s heart, you won’t do anything that Amrish doesn’t like.