Pandya Store 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish gives a tough task to Natasha


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The Episode starts with Natasha asking everyone to sit. Amrish looks on. Hetal worries. She drinks water and starts coughing. She goes. Natasha asks are you okay. Amba says sit and have food with everyone, Hetal will come in some time. Amrish says breakfast was not much, but it was tasty, you will make lunch also. He gives the first rasoi gifts to Dolly and Natasha. They thank him. Dolly says your name should be Santa. He laughs and thanks them. Amrish says make lunch on time. He goes. Natasha sees Dhawal. Hetal is worried. Amrish comes and gets angry on her. Hetal says I didn’t intend to sit and have food with you, I like to serve you the food, don’t worry, I will explain Natasha. He angrily holds her hand. She cries.

He says you could have made any excuse, why did you sit. She says sorry, forgive me, I felt its Natasha’s first day, we should tell her about the house rules, then she won’t do this mistake again, I will talk to her. He says you won’t talk to me, stop this politics, Natasha will get a shock today, then I will see, what changes she gets in our house thinking. Natasha asks Dhawal for her first rasoi gift. He says don’t talk to me. She asks what’s this way to talk, what did I do. He says you made Amrish angry. She says we are not different, Dhara Maa always taught me, we should keep family united. He says Amba cried because of you, Amrish got upset, I told you I can’t see him upset. She says he had food with love. He says I know my brother. She says let me know him, I have come here to make a relation with entire family, go to college now, I have to make lunch, write notes for me also, I m busy. She smiles and goes.

Chiku starts the demolition. Suman is shocked seeing this. Mittu comes and thinks Suman is worried, I shouldn’t go to college. Chiku sees Pandya store. The man asks him why did he stop. Chiku asks when shall I break it. The man says the papers didn’t come till now, you do it. Amrish calls him and asks about the work. The man says we are breaking the stores, we will leave Pandya store, we didn’t get the papers. Amrish says tell them the store broke in a misunderstanding, I will handle it, you can demolish it, I want Pandya store demolished today. Natasha comes. The man says fine, Pandya store will get demolished today. Natasha knocks the door. She asks about the lunch menu. He tells her many dishes. She worries. She says the list is small, I will go and make it. He says yes, paneer should be prepared at home. She says okay and goes. He smiles and says Pandya store….

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The man says break the Pandya store. Chiku smiles and says now it will be fun. Suman says no need to call Natasha, I can handle the store. Amba changes the gas cylinder. She asks Chabeli to hide the filled cylinder. She says I will see how Natasha cooks the food.

Chabeli sees Natasha and lies. She asks her to go to Amba, she is waiting. Chiku says I have to end a big chapter of past, I have to break a shagun coconut, go and get it. The man says fine, I will get it for you. He goes to Pandya store and buys a coconut. Suman says 50rs. The man says we get it for 10-20rs. The man says all stores are broken, fine, I will buy it from here. Chiku asks the man to keep the coconut down. Suman goes and drinks water. Chiku thinks you all have left me alone and gave me much sorrow, how can you all stay happy.

Natasha says I got a big family today, its mine, its my first rasoi tomorrow. Amrish says yes, you will just handle the kitchen, I will take over the Pandya store. Chiku demolishes Pandya store. Suman is shocked.