Nimki Vidhayak 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Mai Goes Missing From Minto’s House


Nimki Vidhayak 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Minto reveals to Nimki that I need a young lady like you… I mean I don’t need a young lady like you, he leaves. Nimki says he doesn’t care for a young lady like me? How could he. All chuckle.

Minto informs Dadi regarding Nimki turning into a CM. She says Nimki will be acceptable. She feels that I will ask Nimki to complete Ganga from my way, we have helped her so she will help me as well.

Rekha calls her family members and educates them regarding before long moving to a CM house. Minto discloses to Dadi that Nimki said Mai will live with her. She will take her there as well. Minto calls Mai yet he doesn’t discover her. He glances around. Dadi says where did she go? Rekha says she didn’t utter a word to me. Minto figures where did she go?

Nimki converses with the columnists and says I need ordinary people to get the necessities. She thanks the clergymen for deciding in favor of her. Nimki says the individuals picked these priests and they have picked me so I am expressing gratitude toward them. Nahar says Nimki was directly in turning into a CM. She was given a reasonable possibility. A journalist inquires as to why Ganga gave her the seat? Ganga comes there and says I will respond in due order regarding myself. She goes to Nimki and embraces her, she says I have a saree with no stain now. Nimki says you have bloodstains on our spirit. The two of them murmur it to one another. Ganga says she is a decent young lady. She tells the correspondents that I am with Nimki, she wouldn’t be here without my help. Nimki says indeed, she gave my name for CM’s seat. Ganga says she has potential, she asks Nimki what have you pondered the common laborers? Nimki says I will give them offs. I need ladies to work and have tranquility as well. Ganga says so you will deal with the dealing as well? Nimki says truly, I will try to rebuff every one of the individuals engaged with young lady dealing. She frowns at Ganga. Tunee requests that the journalists end the session. A journalist demands Nimki and Ganga’s photograph together. They present while smiling.

Minto is searching for Mai and asks Dadi. Dadi says she resented Nimki.

Nimki sits with her family and jokes with Nahar. Nahar says I am Nimki’s counsel. All giggle. Mahua says our dad would be so glad for Nimki. Sweety says Ganga lost and Nimki won. Abhi says Ganga can do anything so we must be cautious. Nimki says she has such a lot of inner self.

PRECAP-Ganga discloses to Mai that I will liberate your significant other from prison yet will you follow your guarantee? Mai says I guarantee on my dead child that I will wreck Nimki’s life, she will never discover harmony in her life again.