Nimki Vidhayak 25th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki Have A Showdown With Ganga


Nimki Vidhayak 25th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Nimki comes to Ganga. Ganga says come inside, see my hand is dying. Nimki says you ought to have called a specialist. Ganga says this is a little injury yet the cutting that I have on the back, shouldn’t something be said about that? You removed my seat, you more likely than not got a few guts. I won’t have the option to spare you now. Nimki says your saree has a stain as well. Ganga says I won’t reprimand you. Nimki says you realize I was an aficionado of yours, I needed each lady like you, you had this protective love yet I know reality with regards to you now. This lady is only a squalid human. Ganga frowns at her. Nimki says you depict yourself as a pioneer for ladies yet you traffick young ladies? Ganga is stunned. Nimki says I think about your business of young ladies dealing, I was there to discover my sister yet I found about you, I don’t have a clue what number of young ladies were obliterated by you. What number of? You more likely than not kept a tally. Ganga says you did this so far as that is concerned? I thought there was something different, I thought you double-crossed me. Nimki says I did it with my knowledge, I won’t let you become a CM. Ganga says there is not at all like that. Nimki says don’t attempt to contact me. Ganga says I am a major individual, I will never traffick young ladies, this Mishra is behind all that. Nimki says you are lying? I have heard you, I know how you maintain that business. Ganga says you need to control my life, what do you need? Do you need a position? Large house? Huge vehicle? I will get everything for you. Nimki says you will go to prison and afterward you won’t have all that, you have just given me the CM seat. Ganga yells at her and says enough, you feel that you know it all so you can win? I will pound you effectively. I have expelled my sindoor so you are nothing. This world tails me so proceed to tell that you won’t become a CM and I will get that seat. Nimki scowls at her. Ganga says on the off chance that you have an issue in saying, at that point you will perceive what I do with you. Nimki says you have no disgrace. You can meet your child the last time before going to prison. That CM seat is mine, don’t attempt to compromise me once more. I can end you with that. She wears her glasses and leaves. Ganga tosses a container out of resentment.

Scene 2

Mahua is stressed over Nimki. Abhi says don’t stress, Ganga can’t do anything with Nimki. All government officials are there. Nahar says Nimki will turn into a CM? How did this occur? Mahua says Nimki caught Ganga to make her a CM. Nahar says wo. He gets Shankar’s call and feels that he will ask me for what valid reason I didn’t illuminate him previously.

Mishra reveals to Ganga that Nahar ought to have enlightened us concerning this arrangement. He is Nimki’s ally. Ganga says this young lady didn’t do it for power, she did it to deliver retribution from me. Mishra says we can take her and conceal her. Ganga says Nimki made a major issue when her sister was captured, on the off chance that you accomplish something inept, at that point we will go to prison.

PRECAP-Hanuman calls Ganga and says in the event that you don’t make Nimki a CM, at that point we will take our help from you. Nimki says I will even give a seat to Ganga in the bureau. Ganga blows up hearing it.