Neerja 9th September 2023 Written Episode Updatev: Abir takes Neerja’s responsibility.


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Neerja decides to return all the gifts Abir has given her. When questioned about the reason behind this, Neerja finds herself at a loss for words. The situation takes a sour turn when Munmun, in a fit of mockery, forcibly snatches Neerja’s bag and begins rummaging through its contents. Her disdain for Neerja’s belongings is evident as she begins to behave rudely. However, Neerja doesn’t back down and pushes Munmun away. Munmun retaliates with an attempted slap, but Abir intervenes just in time to prevent any further escalation.

Meanwhile, Didun’s men apprehend a fake agent who has been using the women of the area, including the elderly Pratima, for smuggling. Didun scolds him for exploiting these women and questions why Pratima has been trying to arrange a passport for Neerja, a mystery that leaves everyone puzzled.

Neerja, overwhelmed by the recent events, suddenly faints, but Abir catches her before she hits the ground.

Shabboo expresses her frustration to Didun, pointing out that she never reprimands Pratima for her actions, no matter how significant, yet punishes others for minor transgressions. Didun explains that she values people only as long as they are useful to her. She reveals that she had initially used a young Neerja to manipulate Pratima into carrying out both legal and illegal activities and intends to employ a similar tactic with the now older Neerja through Pratima. However, the reason behind Pratima’s desire to secure a passport for Neerja remains a mystery. Shabboo, however, has a hunch about the true motive.

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After a medical examination, the doctor informs them that Neerja’s lungs have been affected by smoke and that she needs a week of rest. Abir, concerned about the relationship between him and Neerja, discovers that they share similar problems. Bijoy fabricates a story, claiming that Neerja has been his nurse and has taken excellent care of him during an illness. Abir feels a sense of responsibility toward Neerja and agrees to look after her.

Kaushik criticizes Munmun for causing unnecessary drama, believing that Neerja would have left on her own. He is relieved that they have not been caught but decides to secretly record their conversation as evidence.

Meanwhile, Abir pays a visit to Neerja and is informed about the recent events. Neerja wonders if he knows the truth, but Abir advises her to rest and assures her that he will take care of her. After Abir leaves, Bijoy suggests that Neerja stay a little longer because Abir is not yet ready to reveal the truth. He offers her money, but Neerja returns it, emphasizing that money cannot buy her emotions or erase her pain, prompting them to depart.

Pre cap: Moushmi discards all things related to Abir and Neerja. Neerja sees her and Abir’s pictires in the dump and says these may mean nothing for others but for me its sign of my love and keeps it under the bed.
Abir enters Neerja’s room, Neerja is scared he may see the picture.