Neerja 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Munmun accuses Neerja of stealing


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Neerja calls Pratima and says she has to return to Sonagachi. Pratima says I will talk to Bijoy, you can’t return. Neerja says he won’t help because we are from Sonagchi and how long will this place haunt and my time in this house has ended.
Pratima keeps saying I have to do something Neerja can’t return.

Moushmi asks Bijoy, how can he hide such a big truth, first you brought Sarthak and now Neerja. Bijoy says I did everything for my family. Bijoy gets a call from Pratima and he tells Moushmi it’s Neerja’s mother. Moushmi says she is not an orphan. Pratima apologizes for calling late and congratulates on Abir’s recovery and says one request please let Neerja stay here for some more time, I beg you please don’t send my daughter in this dirt. My Neerja is like a lotus in this dirt give me sometime. Bijoy says please understand I am paying. Pratima says I don’t want money, I just want a respectful life for my daughter and Didun will sell her. Moushmi introduces herself to Pratima and says for the sake of my family’s reputation Neerja has to go.

Moushmi asks Bijoy is Pratima the same lady who met us when Neerja was leaving for truth and Didun, if Pishi Maa finds it, it would be bad and as usual I will hide the truth.
Laltu gives Neerja all her belongings from Abir’s room packed in a bag. Neerja sees all her stuff and gets emotional thinking of all the memories. Neerja says this bag has stuff that belongs to Trisha and I have to return it and says all I want is to see you one last time and that is to return Trisha’s memories.

Abir next day performs Pooja. Pishi Maa sees that and is very happy and says I missed you last 2 years. Abir takes her blessings and says I know you must have prayed for this moment. Pishi Maa says yes and now rest. Abir says I am beginning a new start and I see you always follow your routine and rituals so diligently, no family is perfect but you have always kept us together. Pishi maa says when I was your age, we weren’t rich like you and only thing we had was our reputation and after his demise, I have made sure I follow all his principles and I know only you are the next and true to this family’s ritual and principles. Abir promises not to bring shame to their family.

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Neerja goes downstairs, crying, and remembers Abir. Abir serves his family a meal he has prepared himself. Neerja sees this.

Abir says he wants to take over the business. Kaushik asks Abir to go slow as he has just recovered. He adds that he has been looking after the business for the last two years. Abir says he wants to make sure there’s no delay in any project. He adds that he can help finish them fast. Just then, Abir and the family notice Neerja.

Abir asks Neerja who she is. Munmun notices Neerja carrying two bags. Abir asks the family who Neerja is. Munmun says to Abir that she will tell him. She questions Neerja about returning with two bags when she has come there with only one bag. She takes out Trisha’s belongings from that bag.

Abir recognizes them as Trisha’s belongings and asks how Neerja has them. Munmun accuses Neerja of stealing them. Neerja says to Abir that she has come to return them.

Munmun accuses Neerja again. Neerja shuts Munmun’s mouth. She says that she refuses to take anything from this house with her, not even the things that belong to her.

Abir stops Munmun from speaking and asks Neerja who she is. Neerja says that she is Neerja. She asks Abir to ask his dad to know who she is and why she has come here since he brought her here. She further says that she has come to return Trisha’s belongings to him, but she unfortunately can’t return to him the memories linked to them. She adds that she has also come to meet Abir for the last time.

Pre cap: Neerja promises she will fight all odds but won’t let her mothers dreams shatter.
Police arresting Partima. Pratima says to Didun, she will die but won’t let Neerja be part of Sonagachi’s dirt. Didun says Neerja has 7 days and then she is back to me.