Neerja 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Abeer and Neerja perform post wedding rituals


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Abeer blames Munmun.  Kaushik takes a stand for Munmun and asks Abeer to not cross his lines. Bijoy asks Abeer to not make a scene. Abeer says there is glass in this and Neerja is wounded and I will create a scene because Neerja will complete all the rituals. Neerja asks Abeer not to create a scene. Neerja says to Moushmi and Bijoy that the first time she came she came as a deal but this time she is here for love and she won’t let this bond break and as a daughter in law of this family and wife of Abeer, i will do everything I can and Abeer wants to do these rituals but they are meaningless until you all bless our relation. 

Neerja walks to Moushmi and Bijoy to take their blessings both step back. Neerja still touches their feet and says she will follow the responsibilities of a wife and a daughter in law. 

Moushmi says to Abeer and Neerja, she doesn’t want to be part of all this. Abeer stops Moushmi and says she can’t leave. 

Abeer insists on everyone treating Neerja respectfully within the family. When Bijoy questions this, Abeer firmly asks him to address Neerja by her name and show her the same respect as other family members.

Munmun criticizes Neerja for her past connection to Sonagachi. Abeer intervenes, stating that Neerja’s past is behind her and she is now a part of their family, just like Munmun. However, Munmun refuses to acknowledge Neerja’s position. Neerja, wanting to abide by the elders’ wishes, asks Abeer to consider their point of view.

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Meanwhile, at Sonagachi, Didun confronts a girl about the missing Shyamli. Didun remembers seeing Shyamli witnessing Protima’s death and assumes she’s grieving for Protima. On the other hand, Munmun taunts Neerja about her history in Sonagachi, but Neerja clarifies that their stay there was forced, seeing Munmun as a sister and finding a motherly figure in Moushmi.

Abeer hands Neerja a cloth containing a sweet and pledges to protect her. During a customary ritual, Abeer prevents Neerja from touching his feet, emphasizing equality. Simultaneously, Didun confronts a captive Shyamli, who seems fearful. Trisha confronts Neerja with hostility, prompting Abeer to shield her and apologize to Trisha. Despite Trisha pretending to be content, she secretly schemes to regain Abeer’s affections and force Neerja out of the house.

Pre cap: Abeer and Neerja share an intimate moment. Abeer applies sindoor in Neerja’s forehead.