Neerja 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Pishi Maa asks Neerja to leave


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Neerja starts looking for Abir everywhere. Bappan looking forNeerja, Abir bumps into him and asks where is my Trisha did you see her. Bappan says don’t annoy me and leaves.

Didun decides to kill Bappan. Shamli requests Didun to not kill Bappan. Didun says to her, Bappan tried to cross me, and I won’t spare him if he spoils my whole game. Pratima decides to visit Bagchi’s house and inform Neerja.

Abir and Neerja both looking for each other. Neerja prays and sees the diary, she reads the lyrics written in the book. Neerja starts singing the lyrics. Abir hears that and follows her voice. Abir sees Neerja singing and in tears. Abir continues the lyrics. Neerja happy to see him. Abir hugs Neerja. Bappan about to find Neerja, Kallu catches him and takes him away.
Abir apologises for his behaviour to Neerja. Abir says he felt like he lost his life again and makes Neerja promise that she will never leave him.

Pishi Maa praying for Abir. Munmun thinks I hope Neerja comes late but why am I tortured? Moushmi gets water for Pishi Maa. Pishi Maa says I just want Abir. Munmun says girls like Neerja know very well how to trap rich boys. Bijoy and Sarthak come home. Pishi Maa asks did they find Abir. Abir and Neerja reach home.

Everyone rushes to get Abir. Moushmi hugs Abir and asks is he alright and asks Neerja where did she take him. Abir says I did. Bijoy scolds Abir and says why didn’t you inform anyone Pishi Maa is so upset. Abir says oh I forgot to get her Chana jor Garam and leaves with Sarthak. Pratima outside Bagchi house sees Neerja and says I hope I could meet her.
Pishi Maa stops Neerja and walks to her. Bijoy tries to explain to her but Pishi Maa breaks a pot and asks Bijoy if can he fix this pot. Bijoy says no. Pishi Maa says just like trust, I don’t trust this girl and this orphanage girl has no idea about how it feels to lose close ones. Neerja tries to explain.
Pratima says why is Pishi Maa scolding Neerja.

Pishi Maa asks Bijoy to send Neerja back to her orphanage. Bijoy asks what about Abir, what will you tell her. Pishi Maa says you will handle that. Munmun scolds Neerja and says Pishi Maa will not change your decision and so you will go back. Pishi Maa asks Munmun and Moushmi to go inside. Bijoy gets a call.

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Kallu throws Bappan in front of Didun. Didun says to Bappan, I have taken away your Neerja and now will ruin you completely. Bappan asks why doesn’t she let him and Neerja be together. Didun says this is Sonagachi and you need to buy love here, pay a higher amount and take Neerja away. Bappan says I will get you money. Didun takes Pratima’s phone from him.

Pratima decides to go meet Neerja. Bijoy sees her and says don’t forget your promise. Pratima says you promised me my daughter’s respect. Bijoy says Pishi Maa is angry because Neerja and Abir were missing, and leave before someone sees you and the truth comes out and then all will be finished. Pratima says I am leaving, I had to come because of Bappan and informs the whole situation to Bijoy. Pratima asks Bijoy to inform Neerja. Bijoy says you don’t worry I will look after Neerja here. Pratima leaves.

Shabbo asks Didun, what if Bappan gets the money? Didun says the question is how and now he will be busy earning and forget about Neerja.
Pratima walks in, Didun says to her do you forget how I know everything that happens here. Pratima tells her she went to inform Neerja about it. Didun says Neerja is now mine and I will take care of all the problems. Didun gives Pratima her phone and says now dare you leave Sonagachi or else I will tell Neerja that you aren’t a nurse.

Munmun asks Neerja to go pack her bags. Neerja requests her to listen to her once. Pishi Maa says I would if you had informed me. Abir gets a stick and says you are right, give me punishment, Neerja kept denying leaving without informing anyone but I insisted her. Pishi Maa keeps the stick aside and says she forgives 100 such mistakes of his and says I am just worried for you and so I get tensed. Pishi Maa hugs Abir. Neerja smiles seeing that. Abir gives her Channa Jor Garam. Pishi Maa asks Abir to go rest and asks Neerja to take him. Abir says to Pishi Maa, you have taught me to apologise when it’s your mistake like I did and now you should apologise to Neerja.

Pre cap: Abir hugs Neerja and asks what should I wear I am confused. Abir shirtless, Neerja feels awkward and gives him an orange t-shirt. Abir gets flashbacks and gets scared and hides under the blanket.
Pishi Maa says to Bijoy, my love is less than that orphan girl and she just has 7 days now.