Neerja 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Abeer decides to visit Sonagachi to meet Neerja

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Neerja sees from her window, two boys from the party looking for her. The boys see Neerja and get excited. Neerja hides. Abeer wakes up thinking about Neerja. Sarthak sees Abeer leaving the house and says where is Abeer going out so late and calls Abeer. Abeer just walks away.

Few men meet Didun for a night with Neerja. Didun sees Neerja upstairs and says Neerja look your fans are here, and are asking for a rate to spend the night with you, come make a deal.
Abeer about to meet with an accident, Sarthak saves him and asks what’s wrong, you can always share your feelings with me, did something happen with Neerja. Abeer says Neerja is a liar, she is from Sonagachi. Abeer says her truth is Sonagachi,I saw people fixing rate for her to spend night with her, why did she break my heart tell me.

Didun says to the men, my girl is tired today but soon she will be on market, give your contact details to Kallu and leave. Neerja runs to her room scared and says God how will I save my mother and myself from Didun, I am so alone there is no one to help me.

Moushmi says to Bijoy, they should have been more careful with Abeer. Moushmi says I should have stopped Abeer from falling for Neerja, this is not good for Abeer and this house but now I will fix everything, I made a mistake by trusting Neerja and she proved that she is indeed from Sonagachi. Moushmi swears to create hatred for Neerja in Abeer’s heart that he will even hate the thought of Neerja.

Sarthak says to Abeer, he still can’t believe that Neerja is from Sonagachi. Abeer says I still want to think about Neerja, even when she lied to me. Abeer thinks about Neerja and time spent with her. Sarthak asks Abeer where he is lost. Abeer says remember Munmun had accused Neerja of stealing and remember she spoke about self respect, how can a girl from Sonagachi say this and when she was with me taking care of him, did she ever show any qualities. Sarthak says she was so innocent and pure, how can she be from Sonagachi, are you sure it was Neerja. Abeer says I wish I am wrong. Sarthak says only one person can answer all these questions and it’s Neerja. Abeer says okay then, I am meeting Neerja and going to Sonagachi, you won’t stop me.

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Neerja takes a look at her and Abeer’s wedding photo. Chakri walks in and says when Abeer called looking for you, I heard how much he has fallen for you and so its better you tell him the truth. Neerja says the marriage for the society was fake but not for me and after all that I had to do today, i can’t face Abeer and there is no future to our relation and Didun & Sonagachi, will never leave my back. Neerja says not just Abeer, I don’t want Protima to find out what happened today.

Didun walks to Protima in jail and asks her how she is doing and says I have good news for you, look here your daughter’s dance video and play it. Protima sees Neerja dance at a party and is in shock. Didun says to Protima, neerja is so good, she has left you behind. Protima feels pukish seeing Neerja dance. Didun says I will take Protima to washroom.

Didun and Protima on their way to the washroom. Protima says I knew you will come and points knife at Didun and says I will kill you after what you have done to my daughter. Inspector and his team walk to Protima and ask her to put her knife down or else they will shoot her. Didun asks them to relax and asks Protima how did she find out about Neerja. Protima says Abeer saw Neerja and got into fight with someone who tried to insult Neerja and so he was locked up in jail. Protima says to Didun, why do you ruin everyone’s life and I curse you that you will be repaid in the worst way.
Didun tricks Protima and pushes her and says I can finish you right away, but your daughter is my lottery now and all the problems you have given me, your daughter will repay for it, she had hope from you and Abeer and both won’t be able to help her now.

Pre cap: Didun welcomes Abeer to Sonagachi. Abeer says I want to meet Neerja and find out if she really loved me. Didun says I will request her to meet you.
Abeer hears Neerja say she doesn’t want to meet him.
Didun tells Abeer that Neerja, doesn’t want to meet her until you pay for the night.