Neerja 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Abir forgets Neerja


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Neerja says to Abir, you want me to see smiling right, look I am smiling, please wake up. Neerja goes and gets Abir’s diary and reads his poem for him, which he had written for Trisha. Neerja reads a poem, Abir wrote it for her and says remember you were so scared to narrate this poem but you fought your fear for our love and everyone loved it, you are scared of fire but still you fought with it to save me and so I know you can fight every fear and hurdle, and so you will have to wake up and call me, your love is calling you. Abir has flashes of his time with Neerja and Trisha and says Trisha. Everyone shocked to see Abir gain consciousness. Neerja holds Abir’s hand and says wake up, look I am beside you. Doctor examines Abir and says he is gaining consciousness. Abir wakes up and looks at everyone around. Neerja walks to Abir and says I am so happy to see you fine. Kaushik and Munmun get angry. Neerja sits beside Abir, Abir doesn’t recognise her. Neerja says I am your Trisha. Abir says you are not my Trisha. Neerja asks Abir did he forget her. Abir says I don’t know you, I have seen you for the first time and you are calling yourself my Trisha.

Moushmi goes to Abir and says you need rest. Abir says I will Maa but who is this girl, I know that accident where my Trisha died and I couldn’t save her, how can you be Trisha. Bijoy asks do you really remember. Abir says yes I do but who is this girl and why is that you all are allowing her. Munmun thinks I guess Abir is back to normal. Moushmi asks Neerja to wait outside. Neerja looks at Abir and remembers time spent with him and walks out.

Sarthak waits for Neerja outside and says wait here for some time. Neerja says I think, Abir is completely fine now. Sarthak says I think the same, you stay here I will keep you updated. Sarthak walks in, Pishi Maa sees Neerja trying to see inside and asks Sarthak to close the door.

Pishi Maa tells Abir, Neerja came here by mistake and asks to forget her. Neerja prays and thanks God for saving Abir and making him fine.

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Doctor checks Abir and shows him all the things that triggered him. Abir stays unaffected. Everyone is happy to see Abir completely fine. Doctor congratulates everyone. Abir asks what is happening. Doctor asks Abir the last thing he remembers. Abir says the accident where I lost Trisha. Bijoy gets call from Didun, he disconnects it.

Abir sees medical tools aside and asks how long have I been unconscious and how is Trisha’s family and says Sarthak her family is mine, I have to go check on them. Moushmi tells Abir its been two years for the accident and he was depressed and didn’t want to accept it and yesterday with same accident he is back to normal. Abir says he doesn’t remember anything that happened in last 2 years. Abir says I can remember every single detail but I don’t remember what happened yesterday. Doctor says forget all that the good news is Abir is fine and asks Abir to rest.

Everyone walks to Neerja. Kaushik asks Bijoy to send Neerja back as soon as possible. Neerja asks Moushmi how is he. Sarthak thanks Neerja for her help and says Abir is completely fine. Neerja says can I see Abir, he must be asking about me. Pishi Maa about to scold Neerja. Moushmi says I will handle this and asks Neerja to come with her, its very important.
Neerja says to Moushmi, look Abir is fine and now I want to meet him once. Moushmi takes Neerja to the guest room and says I know you are the reason Abir is fine but the sad part is you will have to meet him as a stranger. Moushmi tells Neerja that Abir has forgotten his last 2 years, he doesn’t remember you or the wedding. Pishi Maa walks in and says anyways there was nothing to remember about you and no one will every talk about those two years especially these past few months which is disgrace to us and thank God, Abir doesnt remember you and our reputation is also safe and all such bitter memories should be sent far away from Abir.

Pre cap: Neerja packs her belongings and decides to return Abir’s gifts he gave for Trisha.
Neerja says to him, I am Neerja. I am here to return some stuff which belonged to Trisha and if God wants we will meet again.