Neerja 4th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Abir gifts Neerja diamond necklace


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Abir looks at Neerja getting rady and says you lookpretty but something is missing and applies sindoor on her forehead and says now you look like my bride and I have something for you and gifts her a diamond necklace. Abir says to her this is her Muh Dikhayi gift. Neerja says she will wear it later, this looks very expensive. Abir says nothing can match you, please wear it for me. Eventually, he adorns her with the necklace, appreciating her appearance.

Neerja notices the strikingly different ambiance at Abir’s home compared to Sonagachi. Neerja sees temple and walks towards to pray. Munmun observes this but allows Neerja to proceed in the hopes of catching Pishi Maa’s attention.
Pishi Ma scolds Neerja for not following rules and entering the temple. Moushmi stops Pishi Maa and says its her first day, she must have skipped. Pishiu Maa warns Neerja and asks servants to clean the whole temple with Ganga Jal. Moushmi walks to Neerja and says Pishi Maa belives in old rituals and we all have different rules to follow, so don’t take it personally and feel bad.

Pratima discusses with Shamili her belief that Neerja’s proactive demeanor and morning tea have already left a positive impression. However, concerns arise about Neerja’s potential questions. Pratima observes Shamili’s absence and encounters Bappan, leading to her irritation.

Neerja apologises to Pishi Maa and says I have an habit of doing pooja everyday first thing in the morning. Pishi Maa says okay and instructs Neerja to prioritize Abir’s recovery and once that is done,s he should leave this house. Munmun notices Neerja’s necklace and proceeds to criticize her. Pishi Maa accuses Neerja of stealing and abuses her. Neerja tells them Abir gave it to her. Moushmi also tells that Neerja isn’t lying, Abir had bought this for Trisha. Munmun keeps insulting Neerja and calls Neerja a servant trying to act smart and forces Neerja to remove it and give it to her. Munmun attempts to remove the necklace, Abir sees Munmun and gets furious and asks what is all this happening.

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Shamili informs Pratima that Bappan seeks her forgiveness, stating that Didun will only allow his entry when Pratima will forgive him. Bapapan promises Pratima to never trouble Neerja. Pratima says I will never forgive you and don’t talk about my daughter ever and leaves.

Pishi Maa warmly embraces Abir, yet he directly approaches Munmun, questioning her intentions regarding the necklace. Munmun fibs, asserting that she merely adjusted it to prevent it from falling. Abir urges Neerja never to remove the necklace. Abir sees Neerja in tears and says I thought you would like this necklace but no worries next time we will buy what you like. Pishi Maa asks Laltu to get Nazar ingredients so that she can save Abir’s smile from evil eye. Abir gives credit to Neerja. Pishi Maa lets have breakfast together. Munmun says let me send it to his room. Abir says I will stay for breakfast and looks at Neerja and says my love will cook for us as per her wedding rituals.

Pishi Maa says to Abir not to trouble Neerja and says Laltu will get whatever Abir wants. Laltu says okay, I will cook whatever Abir wants. Abir gets upset with him and scolds him and asks Pishi Maa why doesn’t she want his wife to follow all rituals.
Abir addresses everyone and says Trisha is daughter in law of this house and I am happy to have her in my life and she deserves all the equal love and rights that are given to others.

Pre cap: Neerja sees Abir hitting Laltu for trying to step in instead of Neerja. Neerja stops him. Abir asks her will she cook?
Didun comes there and taunts them for doing all the rituals real despite the wedding being fake.