Neerja 3rd September 2023 Written Episode Update


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Abir scared, has a panic attack and has past flashback. Bappan sees Neerja helpless and says this man is scared of fire and you think he will protect you, only I can protect you from Didun and everyone. Neerja says to him, Abir is much better than you, I would prefer dying here with Abir then coming with you. Bappan says then I will see you die with Abir and then leave. Neerja tries to calm Abir and hugs him. Bappan sees the fire is spreading, so leaves the place.

Pratima sees her and Neerja’s picture has fallen down and gets scared. While picking the frame she hurts her finger. Pratima says to Shyamli I can feel Neerja is in pain, this fear is making me restless and I am sure Neerja is in trouble. Shyamli says don’t worry Didun is with her. Pratima says I will call Didun and check if Neerja is fine. Didun doesn’t answer Pratima’s calls.

Bijoy reaches the location. Didun and Kaushik reach the hall location and see it has caught fire. Bijpy asks Kaushik where is Abir. Everyone hears Neerja’s voice calling Abir. Bijoy and Didun try to get in, staff stops them. Kaushik asks everyone to calm down and says fire brigade will be here soon.
Abir says to Neerja, you didn’t want to come here, I made a mistake by forcing you. Neerja says nothing is wrong, just stay a little strong and we will get out. Abir says I am not scared of this fire, I will protect you. Abir has past flashes. Neerja says to Abir, I won’t let us apart, your love has always protected me and today my love will protect you, nothing will happen to you.

Bijoy insists on going inside. Kaushik tries to calm him. Manager says fire brigade will be here soon and fire extinguishers will be here soon. Kaushik says I am getting them on my own. Didun gets worried that Neerja is going to risk her life for Abir.
Moushmi tells Pishi Maa, that Abir is trapped in the fire. Pishi Maa prays for Abir.

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Kaushik makes Bappan a call and asks him to go underground. Kaushik hides all the fire extinguishers, the staff sees one in his hand. Kaushik blames the staff for mismanagement and says I will use this one, you go get others.

Pratima offers her prayers to Durga Maa, seeking Neerja’s safety. In a heartfelt moment, Neerja confides in Abir, acknowledging his unwavering support amidst adversity. She implores Abir not to falter, considering it her final wish.
Touched by her words, Abir embraces Neerja, determined not to let her slip away. His strength wanes, prompting Neerja to reminisce about their shared memories and express her desire to fulfill all her dreams with him. She urges Abir to persevere, but a sudden explosion startles Didun and the family.
Amidst the chaos, Kaushik pretends to be concerned for Abir and insists on entering to rescue him, with Bijoy reluctantly agreeing. Kaushik discovers that the fire extinguisher is damaged, and Munmun’s negative remarks irk Bijoy.
However, Abir emerges from the danger, cradling an unconscious Neerja in his arms, leaving Kaushik and Munmun astounded. Abir assures Bijoy that he saved Trisha, vowing not to be separated from her again, before succumbing to fainting.
Subsequently, Abir and Neerja are prepared for separate transport to the hospital. Bijoy intervenes, declaring that his son’s treatment will occur in Kolkata rather than a local facility, a decision the manager accepts.

Pre cap: Neerja gains conscious, she remembers the blast ans starts looking for Abir.
Moushmi tells Neerja, Abir’s health is critical. Neerja requests her to allow talk to Abir as Trisha.
Neerja as Trisha walks to Abir and says for our love you have to wake up.