Neerja 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update : Protima sees Didun with Trisha


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Didun says to all ladies at Sonagachi, Neerja must have shown you all false dreams but let me tell you, your destiny is here and you will earn by selling your body. Didun says to Neerja that, go sleep now and get some rest.
Protima takes Neerja with her. Didun stops Protima and says remember what you said to me and now it’s Neerja’s turn. Protima says to Didun but now you are back and so all will be back to normal. Protima purposely scolds Neerja and says Sonagachi will work as per Didun’s wish and drags Neerja inside.

Bijoy, Moushmi and others get worried for Trisha. Bijoy calls Abeer and says please talk to Trisha she will do something wrong with herself. Trisha asks everyone to leave. She says she can’t live without Abeer. Abeer barges in, and Trisha acts like she’s drinking poison. She asks Abeer to stay away from her.

Moushmi worries about Trisha’s decision. Abeer looks upset. Trisha feels like nobody cares for her. Moushmi says they all care about Trisha. Trisha thinks Abeer loves someone else. Bijoy can’t speak up about it. Trisha says she can’t live without Abeer.

Protima is worried. Didun’s return makes things tough to protect Neerja. Neerja promises to take care of Protima. She doesn’t need anyone else in her life. Protima says I wish your baba was here. Neerja says to her, I never asked you about who my father is, do you want to share something about him? Protima says to her I was stressed so I said that, forget it. Neerja says okay I won’t and when I have you why would I want someone else and I know how to help you calm down now and Neerja sings a lullaby for Protima.

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Trisha questions Abeer’s feelings for her. She threatens to drink poison. Moushmi asks Abeer to be careful. Trisha blames herself for coming back to Abeer’s life. Abeer remembers Neerja’s words and stops Trisha from drinking poison, agreeing to marry her.

At the Mehndi ceremony, Trisha sees Abeer’s name on her hand and feels sure about their marriage. Abeer pulls Trisha aside, telling her he can’t love her back. Trisha is okay with it and promises to win his love.

Trisha arranges to meet Didun alone. Protima sees Didun leaving alone and gets suspicious. Trisha asks Didun to kill Neerja. Didun doesn’t want to harm Neerja. Protima overhears and warns Didun against hurting Neerja, thinking she is there to uncover the truth.

Precap: Neerja cries over Protima’s dead body and says why did you leave me Maa.