Neerja 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update : Moushmi denies Abeer’s request to marry Neerja.


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Abeer gets a call from Trisha. Neerja receives a voice note from Abeer calling her Mishti Doi and it reminds her of her past with Abeer and gets emotional.

Abeer goes to his room. Trisha hugs him and says please don’t leave me. I am so scared of the dark, please light some candles or else I will have a panic attack. Trisha smiles after lighting diyas and says wow. Abeer asks what is this. Trisha says we just light 14 diyas as a ritual and no one can separate us now. Abeer says you rest and about to leave. Trisha hears fire crackers and hugs Abeer saying please don’t leave me I am so scared. 

Abeer finds a fuse on the bed and realizes Trisha purposely disconnected the connection and asks what is all this. Trisha says I wanted our ritual to be completed and I can’t hear a no from you, I want you and you are my husband and it’s our mehndi tomorrow you go rest now, I want us to look very pretty and if you want you can share bed with me. Abeer says let’s talk tomorrow and leaves the room.

Next day, Abeer starts looking for Moushmi and doesn’t find her. Abeer tries to call Neerja and says Maa isn’t home and even Neerja isn’t answering my calls.

Munmun eagerly anticipates Abeer’s reaction to the truth. Disappointed by Trisha’s Rangoli, Munmun recalls doing it herself every year. Trisha suggests doing it together next year, but Munmun doesn’t plan to stay. Trisha hugs Abeer, excusing herself to find Moushmi. Abeer asks Moushmi for her decision.

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Moushmi insists that during Diwali, they must discard the negative and keep only the positive. She admits she can’t accept Neerja despite Abeer’s love for her. Abeer insists he loves Neerja and has already married her. He remembers everything from the past now, even if they kept it hidden. Moushmi dismisses their union as fake, but Abeer insists their vows were real.

Abeer confronts Moushmi, emphasizing that they mistreated Neerja, causing her pain. He’s desperate without her and criticizes Moushmi for being indifferent to his suffering. In the heat of the moment, Moushmi slaps him. Abeer rushes to find Neerja. Munmun, overjoyed, witnesses Abeer pushing Trisha aside as he hurries to Sonagachi. Neerja is surprised to see him there.

Abeer expresses his desire to be with Neerja, leaving everything behind. He proposes marriage, suggesting they start a new life far away. Neerja, remembering Moushmi’s warnings, hesitates, aware that his family won’t accept her as their daughter-in-law. She cares for Abeer but refuses to break up his family for their love.

Frustrated, Abeer expresses his despair, questioning if she can forget him. Neerja admits she can’t and says you are my everything but will your family and  Moushmi respect her or her background. She questions if Abeer is ready to marry her despite all the family issues. 

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