Neerja 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Pratima offers 25 Lakhs for Neerja


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Didun asks bidder to bid for Neerja. Neerja gets sold. Didun says this is just the beginning. A man walks to Didun and says she has found a diamond. Didun says its 20 years efforts and now yours. Pratima stops the bid and offers 25 lakhs for Neerja. Pratima says I will give 25 lakhs and take my Neerja with me. Didun mocks Pratima and calls her mad. Pratima says to Didun, you will go mad when I will pay and take my daughter. Didun asks Pratima not to cross her lines. Pratima says she will, she is a mother and no one can win when they battle with a mother fighting for her daughter. Didun says okay first pay me and then take her. Pratima says I will because Durga Maa has shown me a way, come with me I will pay you. Pratima asks Neerja to stay string she will take her out of this filth.

Bidders fight for Neerja. Neerja says to Shabo please keep them away from me. Abir breaks bottle on the bidders heads and stands for Neerja. Abir fights with everyone and says I told you not to touch her, how dare anyone touch her. She is my love and my life. Abir asks Neerja to walk with him and holds her hand and walks away with her.

Pratima takes Didun to Bijay. Pratima says he will pay for Neerja. Didun asks Bijay, he hasn’t seen the girl still is ready to pay for her, what does he want? Pratima says to Didun everyone does work like she does, but it’s not her fault since Didun never got respect she never gives and says he will pay you. Didun says I just need my money, you have 2 hrs, pay me and then do whatever you want.

Abir says to Neerja, this dress and tehse people are not good and says come home with me or lese these people will again force you, your simplicity is your beauty and says I will remove these jewellery. Neerja and Abir get close. Abir wipes Neerja’s loud makeup.

Pratima touches Bijay’s feet and thanks him for helping her and says I found my God. Bijay says please don’t do this. Pratima says you have no idea what you have done for me and my daughter. Bijay says instead I should thankyou for accepting my proposal.

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Kaushik gets a call and is very happy. Kaushik tells Munmun he is very happy because all of Abir’s business will be his now. Munmun says I am so happy we finally will be ruling now.
Pishimaa and everyone in the house missing Abir.

Didun happy to see all the money. Shabo says Didun you are going to be rich and says Bijay is very rich and will give us all the moeny. Didun says I know my Neerja is a diamond but I didn’t know she will impress this man. Shabo tells Didun why Bijay is taking Neerja, its for his son Abir.
Shabo asks Didun why did she allow Neerja go, she could be their golden egg. Didun says Bijay is respected and a rich man we will take full advantage of the situation.

Neerja thanks Abir for saving her. Bijay walks to them and announces that they will marry soon. Neerja confused and Abir very happy. Neerja says she won’t marry and says I thought you are helping me and Pratima. Bijay says to Neerja, your mother knows everything just don’t say anything in front of me. Abir says to Neerja don’t be angry, don’t say you have forgotten me and don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you. Pratima walks to Neerja.

Pratima says to Bijay, please take Abir with you, I will talk to Neerja. Abir says to Neerja, you are my life, I love you a lot and die without you. Bijay says to Abir she will come don’t worry come with me. Abir sees Neerja is about to step on a piece of glass and rushes to her puts his hand in between. Abir hurts his hand, he looks at Neerja and says I know you will come back.

Pre cap: Pratima asks Neerja to fake marry Abir and says you will be away from this dirt and Didun and you will be safe.
Pratima tells Neerja, Abir is a good man and will take care of her.
Pishima denies Abir and Neerja’s proposal.