Neerja 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja and Chakri make a plan together

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Didun returns to Sonagachi along with Shabho Rani. Shabho Rani informs Didun that Neerja sent them out and tried to take something from her room. She suspects Neerja of betrayal and thievery. Didun questions Shabho Rani’s attachment to her belongings and instructs her to inspect Neerja’s bag. Neerja accidentally drops her bag, and her slippers fall out. Shabho Rani questions why Neerja would steal her slippers, to which Neerja explains that she noticed Shabho Rani struggling without them and came to get them.
Didun is taken aback by this response and instructs Shabho Rani to check everything. She inquires about Neerja’s motives, but Neerja remains silent, lost in her thoughts. Neerja recalls observing Shabho Rani entering the room and taking the slippers. Abeer, on the other hand, searches for his mother and is alarmed to find her attempting self-harm by slitting her wrist. He rushes to provide first aid, but she refuses, expressing her disappointment in him for going to Sonagachi and lying to her, breaking her trust.
Abeer expresses guilt and tries to console his mother, who vents her frustration and reveals her feelings about his actions in front of Neerja. She shows him a childhood photo, sharing her pain. Abeer apologizes to his mother.
Meanwhile, Didun inquires about when Neerja started caring so much for her and changing. Neerja explains her willingness to change and do anything for her mother. Didun expresses her displeasure over Shabho Rani’s actions and punishes her by withholding food for two days.
Neerja, unable to find Didun’s phone, seeks Chakri’s help in counting the number of phones Didun possesses and shares her plan with her. Abeer’s family arrives at the temple for the puja, and Moushmi asks Abeer if he’s willing to do anything for her, to which he agrees. She tells him she’ll ask something and expects a positive answer; if he says no, he shouldn’t enter the temple. Everyone dances at Sonagachi, where Neerja keeps a close eye on Chakri.
Chakri sets fire to the phones of the people of Sonagachi using fireworks, leaving Neerja elated, and she joins in the dancing. However, Shobha Rani notices the smoke and informs Didun about the unusual situation. Didun instructs them to investigate, and they report that their phones have exploded. Neerja calmly explains that it’s a common issue with certain mobile companies, and she shows them news on her phone about it. Didun agrees and tells them to purchase new phones from reputable companies, and Neerja suggests keeping their phones outside due to the danger of explosions, leading Didun to comply.
Neerja feels triumphant for successfully executing her plan, and Abeer, recalling his mother’s words, enters the temple.

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Pre cap: Abeer asks Moushmi who is the guest. Moushmi says she has invited them for his marriage proposal