Neerja 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update : Abeer saves Neerja and Protima


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Court annonces Neerja guilty and gives her 10 years imprisonment. Abeer walks in and requests to stop the hearing. Abeer apologises for interrupting the court and says I have proof that Neerja is not part of the girls trafficking gang. Didun is brought in with the girls Neerja saved. 

(Didun reaches court and she scolds driver. Abeer reveals his face and says lets end this game. Shefali walks to Didun and arrests her. )

The girls tell the whole story how Didun had bought them to sell them to Sheikh but how Neerja fought all odds to save them. Abeer presents additional evidence to prove Protima’s innocence. A man in his middle age testifies, stating that Protima unknowingly carried drugs for Didun. The judge reaches a final decision, releasing Neerja and Protima and ordering Didun’s arrest. Protima is amazed at their release but can’t believe Didun is going to jail. Shefal reveals Didun’s lengthy sentence of 20 years. Protima feels like it’s Diwali for Sonagachi folks. Didun glares at Abeer and Neerja.

Protima confronts Didun, highlighting how she terrorized and enslaved everyone for years. She feels it’s their time to savor freedom. Chakri expresses her relief at Didun’s arrest. Neerja reveals she requested Shefali to arrest Didun, vowing justice for her actions. Protima emphasizes that Didun’s actions hurt not only a mother and daughter but all the women in Sonagachi. Neerja sees Didun’s arrest as a new hope for Sonagachi. Celebrations erupt in response to Didun’s arrest, although Shabbo Rani is upset to see Didun leaving.

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Neerja expresses gratitude to Abeer, acknowledging his substantial help. Abeer mentions that she also helped him in various ways. Neerja wonders why he went out of his way for her. Abeer explains it was because she saved him from Sheikh, and he acted on his heart’s impulse. He expresses his love for her, emphasizing that his actions were driven by his affection for her. Despite his declaration of love, Neerja is unsure whether to be happy or not. Abeer expresses that he wants to spend rest if his life with Neerja. Neerja is in shock.

Pre cap: Abeer visits Neerja in Sonagachi and says get ready to become Mrs. Neerja Abeer Bagchi. A woman walks in Sonagachi and all are shocked to see her.