Neerja 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Didun presents Neerja in front of customers to sell her.

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Neerja’s anxiety intensifies as Bappan has not yet arrived. She makes repeated phone calls to Bappan, but instead, Didun answers with Bappan’s phone, having already intercepted all of Neerja’s plans.
Pratima apologizes to Didun, touching her feet, but Didun insists that she prepare Neeraj within 5 minutes. Despite Pratima’s repeated pleas for forgiveness, Didun pays no heed to her anymore. Didun says to Shaymli do you have to say anything about Bappan as he went against me. Shaymli says to Didun he considers you as your God, is he fine. Didun says I haven’t done anything yet as we are celebrating today or else I would have ended him. Didun threatens her before leaving the scene.

Bijay appears utterly devastated by the thought of Abir being sent to the asylum. Both Sarthak and Bijay are reluctant to send Abir there, but they find themselves with no other options. Bijay admits that he couldn’t bring Neerja here due to certain societal rules that cannot be broken. Sarthak asks for the reason, but Bijay cannot reveal it. He explains that he has nothing he can do to bring Neerja back, and he breaks down in tears, feeling like he has failed to save his own son. Sarthak says no one believes in old rules now why can’t we avoid them. Bijay says somethings you can’t do as it may ruin your reputation so we have to not consider them. Sarthak says isn’t breaking rules better than breaking our relations. Bijay says I am not a good father, I couldn’t save my son, I am helpless. Shortly afterward, Abir is taken to the asylum, and everyone in the family, except Munmun and Kaushik, weep while thinking about their memories with Abir.

Meanwhile, Neerja’s friend does her makeup, and she recalls memories from her childhood, where Pratima used to motivate her with positive words. Neerja feels remorseful for not fulfilling her mother’s dreams, and tears stream down her face.
As the asylum workers take Abir away, Sarthak collapses on the floor unable to bear the cruelty of the situation, while Munmun and Kaushik feel relieved.

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Didun walks to Neerja and praises her beauty. Pratima walks in and sees Didun praising her daughter beauty. Didun covers Neerja’s face and says people will have to pay to even see the most beautiful face of Sonagachi. Pratima tries to resist but is unable to touch her own daughter as Neerja now belongs to Didun. Pratima desperately pleads with everyone for money to save her daughter, but her pleas go unnoticed.

Didun drags Neerja outside, which shines brightly. Other pr*stitutes at Sonagachi empathize with Neerja’s pain, unable to fathom that Didun would treat her this way. Shyamali’s heart also aches for Neerja’s tragic situation and says I knew this day would come but didn’t knew it would be so painful.
Didun reveals Neerja’s face to the customers, demanding a high price.

Bijay and Abir find themselves stuck in a traffic jam while driving in their car. Abir tells Bijay, his head is aching and he wants to go home. Bijay thinks of doctors words that Abir needs a miracle. Bijay prays to God to show some miracle to save Abir. Abir keeps taking Trisha’s name.

Didun praises Neerja’s beauty in front of the buyers.

Pratima wanders around the road, trying to collect some money and accidentally collides with the ambulance. Bijay checks who hit the ambulance but sees no one so gets down asking nurse to take care of Abir.

Didun asks to start bidding for Neerja. Neerja thinks about all the old times when Pratima tries to keep her away from the bad fate of sonagachi.

Pre cap: Neerja walking with Pratima. Neerja about to step on glass, Abir puts his hand in between to save her feet.
Bijay says to Neerja, you two are meant to be together and you two will marry each other soon.