Neerja 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bijoy denies to help Neerja


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Police take Protima away. Neerja in tears. Neerja furious rushes to Didun and says, why did you do this and if you did this to trap me, let me tell you I won’t stop, I will go meet my Protima.Didun says who is stopping you and let me tell you one more thing only I can save Protima, so do whatever you want because I know you will come to me in the end and this Sonagachi is your identity and destiny, so go do whatever you want. Neerja leaves.

Neerja reaches the police station. She requests the lady constable to let her meet Protima. Neerja meets inspector and says my mother Protima is trapped in all this, she is framed, why would a nurse do all this, please allow me to meet her. Neerja thinks about Abir.

Abir packing his stuff thinks about Neerja and says she looked very tensed and was hoping that all will be good and now she left for Orphanage, will talk to her once she is back. Abir finds the pendant. Sarthak walks in and sees him with the pendant and asks him where he is lost. Abir says this pendant is Neerja’s right. Sarthak says how do you know. Abir says tell me Neerja stayed here right. Sarthak says yes, she use to keep coming while she took care of you, forget all this lets go. Abir says I feel she was more than a nurse to me and was close to me. Sarthak says Pishi Maa is calling lets go. Abir says why am I so worried about her, and I can read your face something is wrong. Sarthak says ask Neerja she knows the truth. Abir says okay I will when she comes back and leaves the room. Sarthak says I am happy to hear you have feeling hidden somewhere.

Neerja says I know Protima is not at fault it’s all Didun’s trap. Neerja waits to meet senior officers she isn’t allowed and keeps requesting everyone to let her meet. Senior officer calls Neerja inside. Neerja says there is some misunderstanding, my mother is innocent. Officer says court will make this decision, till then she will be in the custody and if you want you can get her bail and find someone who is reputed and he has to take your mother’s guarantee. Neerja thinks about Bijoy and leaves the police station.

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Bagchi family perform aarti for visarjan and perform visarjan rituals. Abir thinking about Neerja and prays that he finds answers to his questions.

Neerja breaks her footwear on her way to Bagchi house and starts running barefoot. Bijoy prays to keep Neerja away from Abir and allow him fix his mistake and bring an end to their fake relation. Bijoy asks Abir to leave for airport. Abir thinks he has to meet Neerja before he leaves. Neerja thinks only Abir can help her.

Abir, Sarthak and Kaushik leave for airport. Abir bends to pick his specs and misses to see Neerja. Bijoy sees Neerja and asks everyone to go inside and says he will handle. Neerja asks Bijoy for Abir and says she needs his help.

Didun warns everyone at sonagachi not to help Protima and Neerja. Shabborani says but Neerja is smart she will find her way. Didun says let her struggle because Protima won’t come out of jail and then Neerja will come begging to me and then I will make the biggest deal.

Bijoy asks Neerja what she wants. Neerja tells him about Protima and asks him to help her. Bijoy says I will pay money. Neerja says I will need a guarantee too. Bijoy says I am a reputed person, I won’t attach my name to me. Neerja says Sonagachi is not our identity but only our address. Bijoy says I can’t, I won’t put my reputation at stake. Neerja says when you were in need you even brought sonagachi home and now when your need is finished you think of it as dirt. Bijoy says I paid for it and have faced insults too and done everything I can but not anymore and I know you are very nice and will help you money if needed and I want my son to have a fresh beginning and so its better you stay away from us and never return.

Pre cap: Neerja finds Protima’s box and says this will prove Protima innocent. Neerja sees its lock and breaks the lock.